Music Minor

About Us

Music is an academic discipline which integrates right and left hemispheres of the brain; but it is also a powerful social medium not limited by geography, race, or creed. Members of the Music Department are committed to providing courses, performing groups, and collaborative opportunities which allow students to develop into capable leaders, team-players, scholars, managers, performers, and community servants of the future.

Requirements for the Minor

6 courses Required:

  • Two-semester theory sequence
      • MU103 Intro. to Musicianship*
      • MU104 Fundamentals of Music
  • Participation in a musical organization for at least 4 semesters. Choose from
      • MU300 Instrumental Music Ensemble (1 credit per semester)
      • MU315-316 Glee Club (1 credit per semester)
      • MU320-321 Chamber Singers (1 credit per semester)


  • Choose 4 from a list of music courses, including keyboard, theory, listening, analysis and applied music (private lessons)

*Students may quiz out of the MU103 requirement if they have studied music theory previously. In this case, the student will substitute a music elective for that course, and enroll in the second course of the theory sequence, MU104, in the Spring Semester


Regis College enjoys a long tradition of excellence in choral singing. Outstanding choral opportunities at Regis include the annual Collegiate Choral Festival and the triennial Concert Tours to Europe. The Choral Festival, hosted by the Regis College Glee Club since its inception 20 years ago, is sponsored by the ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) and is always organized around the theme of “Collaboration Rather Than Competition.” Choirs from colleges and universities in Massachusetts and beyond, gather at Regis for a day of music-making culminating in an evening concert which features combined choirs and Smith College Orchestra in a grand finale.

The Glee Club travels to Europe on Concert Tour every third year, the most recent being to Barcelona, Spain in March 2013. Past tours have been to Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Ireland, England, Scotland, Portugal, and Sicily.

Student Profiles

A broad cross-section of students at Regis minor in music. A Music Minor is an excellent complement to majors in the arts and humanities, and provides artistic balance to those majoring in the sciences. A minor in music can also provide students with lifetime avocations notably enjoyed by so many professionals in the fields of mathematics and the sciences. A minor in music also allows prospective employers to see that a student has been liberally educated to include the arts. And the applicant who can make music with an elementary school classroom may well get the job over one who cannot.