Global Business Management and Economics


The Department of Global Business Management and Economic's mission is to provide an environment of collaborative learning among students, faculty, staff and the greater community for the purpose of creating personal and professional success for all stakeholders.


  • Providing quality instruction
  • Maintaining continuous improvements in programs and curricula
  • Providing timely career-based skills and knowledge for students so that they will be viewed as desirable prospects for career growth opportunities by their current and/or future employers
  • Supporting continuing education outreach programs (credit and non-credit) for the business community within the College’s service area
  • Providing students from around the world with a global awareness of domestic and international business

Student Learning Outcomes for Business Management

Students will:

  • Know the core areas of business: accounting, management, marketing, economics, and finance in a global context
  • Analyze ethical issues that impact business decisions from economic, political, legal, and social perspectives
  • Utilize technology skills to maximize managerial decision-making from the perspective of the organization
  • Apply statistical analysis and other quantitative project management techniques to evaluate data, test assumptions, and apply conclusions to managerial decision-making
  • Develop a Business Strategic Plan that integrates and applies all the core areas of business


The Business Management major is a balanced program of liberal arts and management education that prepares future professionals for work in business, government, and non-profit organizations. Students learn to deal with complex issues in dynamic, changing work environments through focusing on these critical elements:

  • Conceptual – analysis, problem solving, decision making, and systems thinking
  • Human Relations – communication, interpersonal skills, leadership, and motivation
  • Technical Expertise – functional skills in financial analysis, statistical analysis, economics, and computer literacy
  • Doing the Right Thing – understanding the ethical dimensions of decisions and actions

In the classroom, students apply knowledge to solve organizational problems through discussion, case analysis, simulation exercises, oral presentations, and field research, field service, and internships.

The department also offers a minor in Accounting, Economics and Management Information Systems.

The following prerequisites and requirements are effective beginning with the graduating class of 2017 (entering fall 2014 or later).  Earlier classes should refer to the course catalogue for the year they enrolled at the college. 

Prerequisite for the Major

MA 210*, MT 203, and MT 204.
*MA210 is required regardless of a Math core waiver.

Required for the Major

MT 209, MT 210, MT 220, MT 222 (formerly 322), MT 235, MT 340, MT 347, MT 373, MT 402, EC 201, EC 202, EC 203, ID 327, and ID 413; plus a minor in Accounting, Economics, or Information Systems Management.

Note: many of these courses (and the minor courses below) have prerequisite requirements; please refer to the full course description and consult with your advisor before enrolling in any course.


Accounting Minor

Required for the Minor:  MT 209, MT 210, MT 235, MT 250, MT 361, MT 365, EC 305

Business Management Minor

Required for the Minor:  MT 203, MT 204, and MT 209 plus nine (9) credits of Global Business Management (MT or ID) courses chosen from the Major.

Economics Minor

Required for the Minor:  Choose only two (2) from: EC 201, EC 202, or EC 203 plus 12 credits chosen from the Economics Electives (see list below).

Economics Electives:  See the full course descriptions for prerequisite requirements.
EC 205, EC 304, EC 305, EC 317, EC 323, EC 326, EC 328.

Management Information Systems Minor

Required for the Minor:  MT 235, MT 327, MT 251, MT 352, MT 370, MT 372

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