Mathematics Minor

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In keeping with the mission of the College, the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Regis College helps students realize and develop their potential in mathematics, information technology, and related areas, including a minor in Mathematics.

The Mathematics minor is designed to meet students’ individual needs and their choices of programs of study. The department strives to instill in all students the logical, computational, and problem-solving skills that further their education.

Required Courses for the Minor

  • MA 101-102 Introductory Calculus or MA 103-104 Introductory Calculus
  • MA 203 Intermediate Analysis
  • MA 253 Linear Algebra

Elective Courses for the Minor

Select two courses from the following:

  • MA 204 Intermediate Analysis
  • MA 321 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA 322 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA 324 Mathematical Models
  • MA 326 Geometry
  • MA 328 Number Theory
  • MA 351 Advanced Calculus
  • MA 352 Advanced Calculus
  • MA 353 Seminar: Algebraic Structures
  • MA 354 Seminar: Algebraic Structures
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