Minor in Management Information Systems

The business environment has experienced a “tectonic shift” over the past thirty years with computer technology changing the way business conduct themselves and the way we live. Business education has responded to this and integrated technology skills within curricula across higher education.

As a liberal arts institution, the Regis College mission is predicated on the notion of providing students with “essential skills” for life-long learning. This is consistent with the values and traditions of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and Catholic social teaching. Providing literacy in these “essential skills” includes: critical thinking and analytical reasoning; complex problem solving; teamwork skills in diverse groups; creativity and innovation; information literacy; quantitative reasoning; and technological literacy.

The Department of Business Management and Economics at Regis College currently provides students a relatively traditional major with knowledge and skill in the core areas of business:  accounting, management, marketing, economics, and finance. To not include technology knowledge and skills as it directly relates to business management and leadership is an injustice in and of itself given the current technology-laden business world.

BA in Global Business Management:   Minor in Management Information Systems

6 Required Courses

  • MT 235 Software Applications for Business
  • CS / ID 327 Managing Projects
  • MT 251 Management Information Systems
  • MT 352  E-Commerce
  • MT 372  Database Management & Applications
  • MT 370  Network & Systems Management
Courses Business & Social Sciences Pathway

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