Journalism & Media Concentration

Journalism and Media Concentration

With a focus on journalism, students will learn the basic criteria for news reporting, evaluating, and writing with an emphasis on the variation of style and purpose by preparing students in writing for the print media. Students will gain a background in the practice and knowledge of news writing. With a focus on media studies, students are given a broad overview of electronic broadcast media as well as a strong background in thinking and communicating visually. Both areas provide hands-on experiences with a variety of digital technologies and focus on radio, television and the internet.

  • CO 209 Communication Media*
  • CO 214 Introduction to Broadcasting*
  • CO 215 Media Production*
  • CO 219 Journalism*
  • CO 220 Feature Writing
  • CO 222 Photography I
  • CO 314 Radio Announcing
  • CO 320 New Media
  • CO 323 Photography II: Black & White
  • CO 324 Photography II: Color / Digital
  • CO 347 Audio Production I
  • CO 348 Advanced Production Techniques
  • CO 404B Internship*

* Indicates required for the concentration

Courses Business and Social Sciences Pathway

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