Educational Theatre Minor

Educational Theatre encompasses a broad spectrum of fields including Theatre for Children and Youth, Theatre-in-Education, Political Theatre and Drama in the Classroom. These fields employ theatre and drama as means for exploring the complex world in which we live. Whether training young people to be theatre artists or helping doctors to become more receptive to their patients, theatre has the unique power of allowing us to see the world through multiple perspectives, and to reflect upon our role as active “players” in the world. The program at Regis College is dedicated to the principle that theatre educators must be accomplished theatre artists with a solid background in the theory and practice of the art.

Required for the Minor

  • TH 203 Introduction to Theatre
  • TH 207 Acting
  • TH 303 Theatre for Young Audiences
  • TH 306 Directing
  • TH 325 Drama as a Learning Medium

Elective Courses

Select one course from the following:

  • DA 204 Movement/Physical Theatre
  • TH 201 Oral Interpretation
  • TH 205 Technical Theatre
  • TH 206 Women in Theatre
  • TH 208 Musical Theatre
  • TH 216 World Theatre in its Context
    (Prerequisite: TH 203)
  • TH 308 Playwriting
  • TH 311 Oral History and Performance
  • TH 321/322 Contemporary Stage: Intensive Theatre Tour
  • TH 327 Museum Theatre
Courses Liberal Arts & Education Pathway

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