Communication Major Program


The Communication Department at Regis College empowers women and men to challenge themselves academically, to serve and lead.


  • Help students develop the ability to inquire, analyze and to think critically about the various facets of the communication discipline
  • Provide students with the relevant skills and techniques for effective oral, mediated, visual and written communication
  • Provide experiential learning through structured internships, service-learning and other projects in order to prepare them for careers and/or graduate education that are hallmark of the Communication program

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Analyze and apply major theories within the discipline.
  • Prepare and present effective oral, written and visual messages.
  • Synthesize existing research on a communication or communication-related topic.
  • Design and conduct original research on a communication topic.
  • Gain experience in a communication or communication-related professional environment through a supervised internship experience.

Major Requirements

All communication majors will complete the following requirements:

  • CO 203: Introduction to Communication
  • Two advanced writing courses selected from the following: CO212, CO 219, and CO 220
  • One oral communication course selected from the following: CO 204, CO 304, or TH 201
  • One visual communication course selected from the following: CO 215 or CO 221
  • Two theory courses selected from the following: CO 206, CO 209, CO 305, CO 306, CO 322, and CO 332
  • Two seminars: CO 400 and CO 401
  • Internship: ID 413
  • Three additional communication/theatre/dance electives
  • A minor and/or four classes beyond the introductory level 


Thus, all students within the major will have courses that will provide them with a broad overview of the discipline; help them communicate effectively orally, visually and in writing; and will help prepare them for successful entry into the working world. For more information, contact Dr. Joan Murray at (781) 768-7416.



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