Cinema Studies Concentration

The Cinema Studies Concentration combines hands-on experience with theoretical knowledge and critical thinking skills. Students learn how to shoot, direct, and edit video in individual and team environments, where they can lead and participate in the filmmaking process from writing and casting to the production shoot. Film studies coursework introduces students to a variety of ways of looking at images of race, gender, class, sexual preference, and nationhood in domestic and foreign films. Students who successfully complete the film studies concentration are prepared to compete for positions in the film industry, media production, and corporate communication or enter graduate programs in filmmaking, or media and culture studies. 

  • CO 205 Introduction to Film Studies*
  • CO 207 Classics of the American Cinema
  • CO 240 Screenwriting
  • CO 215 Video Production
  • CO 302 Film Theory & Criticism*
  • CO 404C Internship*

* Indicates required for the concentration

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