Art History Minor

About Us

Through exposure to studio and art history courses, students gain knowledge and understanding of key stylistic concepts and theories. They compare and contrast painting, sculpture, and architecture of major periods from the dawn of history to the Renaissance. They develop knowledge and understanding of stylistic developments and significant contributions made by major artists in their evolution. They engage in research that emphasizes the influence of historical events on the evolution of forms that are visual equivalents of humanity and its perception of itself in different periods of time. Students in the Art History minor produce a portfolio of basic drawing that indicates successful ability to deal with problems of formal composition.

Required Courses for the Minor

  • AR 201 Introduction to Art History
  • AR 304 Modern Styles
  • AR 306 Renaissance and Baroque Art
  • At least three Elective Courses from
      • AR 303 Nineteenth Century Art
      • AR 307 Women Artists
      • AR 313 American Art
      • MU 306 Women and Music
      • ID 207 Introduction to Film
      • CO 207 Classics of the American Cinema
      • SP 314 Spanish Cinema