Pre-Professional/Pre-Medical, Veterinary and Pre-Dental Programs

Pre-Professional Programs are not majors, but programs designed for students based on the general requirements of medical, dental, and veterinary schools and by the Association of American Medical Colleges, Dental and Veterinary Colleges or Universities. Students wishing to pursue these programs should consult with the Health Professional advisor for specific details.

The minimum requirements for admission include

  • one year in biology*
  • Two years in chemistry through organic chemistry*
  • one year in physics*
  • Earned GPA of at least 3.5
  • High scores in the MCAT/GRE admissions exams

* all with laboratories

While not all schools require mathematics, it is strongly recommended that at least one year of calculus and statistics be taken because mathematics is a fundamental basis for most rigorous science courses. Highly developed computer skills and a solid preparation in the social sciences as well as writing skills is also encouraged.

Although most students elect biology or biochemistry/chemistry as a major, most professional schools urge students to choose a major subject consistent with their own aptitudes, strength and interests. However, along with the minimum requirements, and in order to achieve high scores in the admission exams, more advanced courses in the sciences may be necessary.

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