The Neuroscience Concentration at Regis College engages biology and psychology majors in the exciting and rapidly progressing interdisciplinary field of neuroscience. In this program, students learn about the brain, behavior and mental processes through multiple lenses in coursework within both the Biology and Psychology departments. This interdisciplinary approach allows students to explore the nervous system from the level of molecules up to memory and emotions. Students hone critical thinking, writing and communication skills through analysis of the newest breakthroughs and trends in neuroscience. Course work culminates in an Independent Study, in which students gain an in-depth knowledge of a specific topic within neuroscience through one-on-one mentorship with a faculty member.

Qualified students have the option to participate in the College Honors Program.

Requirements for Concentration in Neuroscience for Biology and Psychology Majors

Biology Major with Concentration in Neuroscience

Requirements for the Biology major plus:

  • PS 203 Introduction to Psychology I
  • PS 321 Cognitive Processes
  • PS 329 Neuropsychology
  • BI 306 Neurobiology (as one of four upper-level biology electives)
  • ID 401 Individualized Study in Neuroscience

Psychology Major with Concentration in Neuroscience

Requirements for the Psychology major plus:

  • BI 103 Introductory Biology I/Laboratory or BI 104 Introductory Biology II/Laboratory*
  • BI 210 Cell Biology/Laboratory or BI 307 Genetics/Laboratory*
  • BI 306 Neurobiology
  • PS 329 Neuropsychology (as a Psychology Elective)
  • ID 401 Individualized Study in Neuroscience

* Although only one is required, both may be recommended, depending on the student’s postgraduate plans.

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