Department of Art, Music and Theatre

It is the mission of the Interdisciplinary Arts Program to prepare students for participation in a multicultural society and provide them a global perspective that will allow them to succeed in the increasingly global arenas of industry, government, and the arts-related professions. Regis College is committed to increasing opportunities for all students to participate in and understand the arts, to provide places where students are encouraged to explore, to create, and expand their undergraduate potential.

Through creative inquiry, students will learn the fundamental concepts and skills to build a network of interconnected engagements between themselves and the global community. Focusing not only on  the Western tradition but across a range of global cultures present and historic, the Program provides students with the essential skills and knowledge of Music, Theatre, Dance, and the Visual Arts. Through experiential programming, students explore and gain an understanding of the interconnectivity of the arts not only among the arts disciplines, but also with professions outside of the arts.

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