BS Medical Imaging - Medical Radiography

Regis College and Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford form an educational partnership, Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Nursing and Radiography Programs.

The Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Medical Radiography Program provides a 22-month Associate of Science degree with a major in Medical Radiography. The program’s curriculum closely integrates classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences. The professional course work occurs at the program’s Medford campus and its affiliated clinical education settings. The curriculum is designed to help students develop a thorough understanding of the medical radiographic process with a caring and critical-thinking approach to its practice.

In addition to the professional course work, seven general education courses enrich the student’s total education experience. General education classes are taken at the Regis College campus in Weston, Massachusetts. Students attend Regis College for their first year for the pre-requisites for the Medical Radiography Program. Student then applies to Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Medical Radiography program. If accepted, student attends years 2 and 3 at Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Medford Campus. Student receive an Associates Degree. Year 4 is at Regis College to finish the curriculum and in order to obtain the Bachelor of Science Degree. This can be part time or full time.

Graduates of the program are eligible to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist credentialing exam in Radiography. After certification and licensure, graduates of the program are recognized as emerging leaders in the radiologic sciences.

Lawrence Memorial students have full access to all the facilities on the Regis College campus, including the library, dining hall, peer tutoring, and the athletic facility.

Degree Requirements

Year 1

EN 105: Writing Seminar I 3 Credits
BI 105: Anatomy & Physiology I 4 Credits
PS 203: Intro. To Psychology 3 Credits
RC 101: First Year Seminar 3 Credits
MA 101 Intro. Calculus 3 Credits
Total 16 Credits
EN 106: Critical Reading, Writing, Think 3 Credits
BI 106: Anatomy & Physiology II 4 Credits
SO 201: Intro to Sociology 3 Credits
NU 618 Health Policy 3 Credits
RC 102: First Year Seminar 3 Credits
SP 100: Spanish for Healthcare Prof. 3 Credits
Total 19 Credits
MR100 Introduction to Radiologic Technology/Lab 3 Credits
Total 3 Credits

Year 2

MR 101 Rad. Procedures & Related Anatomy I 3 Credits
MR 111 Rad. Imaging I & Lab 3 Credits
MR 120 Rad. Clinical Experience I 3 Credits
PY 213: Physics I 4 Credits
MA 210: Statistics 3 Credits
Total 16 Credits
MR 102 Rad. Proc. & Rel. Anatomy II 3 Credits
MR 112 Rad. Imaging II & Lab 3 Credits
MR 121 Rad. Clinical Experience II 3 Credits
MR 131 Rad. Physics 3 Credits
Philosophy Course 3 Credits
Total 15 Credits
MR 220 Rad. Clinical Experience III 6 Credits
Total 6 Credits

Year 3

MR 201 Rad. Procedures & Related Anatomy III 3 Credits
MR 211 Rad. Imaging III & Lab 3 Credits
MR 231 Rad. Protection & Biology 3 Credits
MR 221 Rad. Clinical Experience IV 4 Credits
ID 304 Exploring Ethics 3 Credits
Total 16 Credits
MR 240 Advanced Rad. Procedures 3 Credits
MR250 Rad. Pathophysiology 2 Credits
MR 222 Rad. Clinical Experience V 4 Credits
MI ___ Cross Sectional Imaging 3 Credits
Religion Course Credits 3
Total 15 Credits


Literature Course 3 Credits
MI ___ Research Methods 3 Credits
CH 105 Chemistry Lab 4 Credits
History Course 3 Credits
BI 108: Microbiology 4 Credits
Total 16 Credits
Social Science Elective 3 Credits
Elective 3 Credits
BI 210: Cell Biology 4 Credits
MI 650 Pathology Across Rad. Mod.* 3 Credits
NU 618 Health Policy* Credits 3
Total 16 Credits

Total: 136 Credits

*Includes 2 graduate electives for MS program

  • AS Degree from Regis College/Lawrence Memorial
  • BS Degree from Regis College (year 4 could be part time)