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SP-100A Spanish for Hlth Prof.Beginner
SP-100B Spanish for Hlth Prof.Interm.
SP-101 Introductory Spanish
SP-102 Introductory Spanish
SP-201 Intermediate Spanish
SP-202 Interm. Spanish: Readings
SP-203 Intro. to Spanish Literature
SP-205 Hispanic Culture I
SP-206 Hispanic Cult.II XX-XXI Cent.
SP-301 Reading Seminar
SP-302 Reading Seminar
SP-302C Capstone
SP-305 Adv Span Grammar & Composition
SP-306 Advanced Conversation
SP-307 Theater: Golden Age to Present
SP-311 Latin American Literature
SP-312 Latin American Literature
SP-314 Spanish Cinema
SP-318 SpanishLit;20th Cent-Present
SP-320 Environmental Spanish
SP-325 United States
SP-401 Coordinating Seminar
SP-402 Coordinating Seminar
SP-409A Independent Study
SP-409B Tutorial
SP-409C Internship
SP-410A Independent Study
SP-410C Internship
SP-501 Reading Seminar
SP-502 Reading Seminar
SP-507 Theater:Golden Age to Present
SP-511 Latin American Literature
SP-512 Latin American Literature
SP-514 Spanish Cinema
SP-518 SpanishLit:20th Cent-Present
SP-520 Environmental Spanish
SP-525 United States
SP-601 Coordinating Seminar
SP-602 Coordinating Seminar
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