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BI-103 Contemporary Biology/Lab
BI-103XA Lab
BI-103XB Lab
BI-104 Contemporary Biology/Lab
BI-105 Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab
BI-105R Anat&Phys I:Review/Exam
BI-105XA Lab
BI-105XB Lab
BI-106 Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab
BI-106R Anat&PhysII:Review/Exam
BI-106XA Lab
BI-106XB Lab
BI-108 General Microbiology/Lab
BI-108R GenMicrobio:Review/Exam
BI-108XA Lab
BI-108XB Lab
BI-203 Human Biology/Lab
BI-209 Intro.Microbiology/Lab
BI-209X Lab
BI-209XA Lab
BI-210 Cell Biology/Lab
BI-211 Pathophysio.& Nutri.Therapy
BI-212 Pathophysiology
BI-302 Seminar: Hist. of Biology
BI-305 Ecology/Lab
BI-306 Neurobiology
BI-307 Genetics/Lab
BI-307X Lab
BI-307XA Lab
BI-307XB Lab
BI-308 Developmental Biology/Lab
BI-308X Lab
BI-312 Animal Physiology
BI-315 Virology
BI-316 Immunology
BI-322 Lab Methods/Research-Biol.
BI-324 Environmental Biology
BI-326 Environmental Microbiology
BI-401 Sem: Ethical Issues Biology
BI-401C Capstone
BI-404 Sem:Biochemical Topics
BI-404C Capstone
BI-409A Independent Study
BI-409B Tutorial
BI-409C Internship
BI-410A Independent Study
BI-410B Tutorial
BI-410C Internship
BI-411C Internship
BI-612 Adv Pathophysiology
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