Business & Social Sciences Undergraduate Program Pathways

For Careers in Dynamic Fields

Our programs in business management; communication; law and government, international relations and political science; and criminal justice studies give you a foundation for many professional options.

Business Management

Regis's global business management major prepares students for careers in private firms and public agencies or nonprofit organizations. You’ll also be primed to enter programs in business or public administration. The Regis graduate certificate in nonprofit administration can help you on our way, and you can accelerate your progress through our master’s programs in communication or health administration. Given the complexities and challenges of today’s global business world, Regis also offers and requires one minor for the global business management major to reinforce the educational program and provide additional skills to meet these complexities and challenges. Minors include: accounting, economics and management information systems.


The communication major at Regis prepares students to work in public relations, advertising, marketing, corporate communications, journalism, radio and TV, sports information, and many other fields. Often they pursue graduate study in communication to advance their careers. Regis’s own master’s program in organizational and professional communication enables our communication majors to earn accelerated graduate degrees.

Political Science, Law and Government, International Relations, and Criminal Justice Studies

The major in political science allows for students to concentrate in law and government, comparative politics, or international relations. This major provides great flexibility for you in choosing a career. Internships and special programs, such as participation in the Harvard University Model United Nations, enable students in these majors to gain specific hands-on experience. In recent years, our law and government, international relations, and political science students have had internship placements in Massachusetts and federal politics, community development and advocacy organizations, and the judicial system. In addition, the new criminal justice studies major prepares students for professional programs in law, human services and other fields – and to Regis’s graduate certificates in nonprofit administration and public policymaking.

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