Academic Advising

The Academic Advising system at Regis College is comprised of experienced faculty and staff who provide each student with individualized counseling, goal-setting, and devising plans for using the curriculum to achieve these goals. The Advising system is broken up into the following areas with various faculty and staff, for more personalized assistance:

  • First-Year Academics
  • Second-Year Academics
  • Third-Year Academics
  • Fourth-Year Academics
  • Specific Academic Program Areas
  • Graduate and Continuing Education
  • Career Planning and Placement
  • International Students
  • Learning Disability Services
  • Academic Center for Excellence

Developmental Advising

Regis College follows a developmental model of academic advising wherein each student is teamed with a faculty adviser to develop and strive toward academic, career, and personal goals that reflect the student’s interests, values, and strengths. In addition to simply providing the student with an understanding of degree and program requirements, the faculty adviser serves as both partner and mentor, guiding the advisee to purposefully explore opportunities, seek out resources and support services as needed, and periodically assess his/her progress. Students meet regularly throughout the academic year for one-on-one advising sessions with their faculty advisers as a means of promoting this growth.

Regis College Academic Services & Support: Academic Advising
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