Tests, Medications & Referrals

The healthcare providers at Health Services can prescribe medications and order diagnostic testing. Some testing is done on site at Health Services and others are sent out to an independent lab. Students need to be aware of how their health insurance works including the Regis College student health insurance plan (SHIP) and what restrictions may apply. It is the responsibility of the patient to obtain referrals or authorization for lab appointments, tests, x-rays, hospitalizations, etc. required by their insurance company. Patients are responsible for all charges that are not covered by health insurance.  For more information or for any questions, call Health Services at 781-768-7290.

Healthcare Services

Ground floor of Maria Hall

Dianna Jones, DNP, APRN-BC, FNP

Associate Dean and Medical Director of Regis Community Health Services
Family Nurse Practitioner

Counseling Services


Gail Hanson-Mayer, C.N.S.

Certified Psychiatric Clinical
Nurse Specialist


Kathryn Klickstein, LICSW

Licensed Social Worker

Regis College Healthcare Services: Tests, Medications & Referrals
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Tests, Medications and Referrals provided by Regis College Healthcare Services