Student Affairs

Regis College is a student-centered environment. We place students at the center and at the top of each and every priority list. This means we treat them individually, care for them respectfully, and solicit their input regularly.

The Student Affairs Division consists of five departments that help carry out this student-centered mission.

  • Athletics
    Athletics offers co-curricular varsity and intramural opportunities.
  • Campus Ministry
    Campus Ministry provides social and leadership opportunities as well as spiritual support and guidance.
  • Health & Counseling Services
    Health & Counseling Services is a nurse practitioner-run confidential service available to all students for care or for referrals to local physicians, hospitals, or local specialists when necessary.
  • Residential Life
    Residential Life helps to create a living and learning environment that supports a total educational experience.
  • Student Programming & Leadership
    Student Programming & Leadership offers countless opportunities for students to get involved in campus activities and events, including a wide variety of clubs and organizations.

The diversity of our students, clubs and organizations is of utmost importance to the College. We are infinitely proud of our student body, the different backgrounds and heritages that are represented, and we continue to provide for these students the highest quality of support and education on all levels.

The Office of Student Affairs

College Hall 215
Regis College Office of Student Affairs
The Office of Student Affairs at Regis College fosters programs and services to help students achieve their academic potential.