Spiritual Opportunities

Overnight Retreat

24 hours

Feeling stressed? Want time for you? Or to meet others who want to know God or are searching for truth? Sign up in Campus Ministry to participate; all faiths and backgrounds are welcome!

Our lives are busy.

We often feel pressured.

Most of us have questions and doubts.

Many are searching for meaning, for purpose, for direction.

We invite you to make the most of opportunities provided on campus for your spiritual growth. If you cannot attend the Spring Retreat, here are some other options for you:

  • Use the Meditation Room within College Hall Chapel. It is a comfortable space for quiet reflection and prayer.
  • Join Gospel Choir, which is open to all students and provides an opportunity to use your voice in praise and worship. Contact Sr. Betsy @ elizabeth.conway@regiscollege.edu
  • Join Leap of Faith, which is open to all students and provides an opportunity to use your gift of dance in praise and worship.
  • Join in luncheon discussions and other programs offered through the semester
  • Connect with other students and have some fun together
  • Sign up for service opportunities and reach out to make a difference.
  • Stop by Campus Ministry to chat, explore, question, read, and relax.

The Office of Campus Ministry

College Hall Room 101

We invite you to visit.

Regis College Campus Ministry: Spiritual Opportunities
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Spiritual Opportunities provided by Campus Ministry at Regis College