Residence Hall Policies

Expectations of Resident Students

Residential students are expected to work toward becoming their own best selves and helping others to become their own best selves. Students seeking residence should carefully read the Regis Residence Hall Contract before signing. The Residence Hall Contract stipulates the terms under which students are permitted to live in college provided residences. It also outlines areas of direct responsibility for the university and for the student.

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 Student Housing Contract

I, the undersigned resident student at Regis College, have carefully read and understand the Regis College Student Handbook and I agree to comply with the requirements stated therein. I understand that by occupying a residential room, I agree to comply with all terms and conditions of the Student Housing Contract. I further agree to comply with the following terms of this Student Housing Contract as a condition of my residence in Regis College housing:

  1. I agree to abide by all regulations established by Regis College.
  2. I agree to pay the current room and board charges, the housing deposit, and all other charges incurred by me while in residence.
  3. I understand that as a residential student, I am required to have a residential meal plan.
  4. I accept and shall cooperate fully with the system for room assignments established and utilized by Regis College.
  5. I agree to observe all regulations governing the admittance and presence of guests in Regis College housing.
  6. I claim no right to occupancy or admittance to the assigned residence room, except for when Regis College housing is officially open as posted by the Office of Residence Life. Residence halls will be closed for Thanksgiving break, Winter break, Spring break, and Easter break and as otherwise specified by the Office of Residence Life. I understand I am unable to occupy my assigned room or be admitted to my residence hall during these times. I understand I may not arrive or move into my assigned room prior to the date indicated by the Office of Residence Life. If approved to reside in a residence hall during a break period, I understand during that break period I must abide by all the terms and conditions of this Student Housing Contract and any additional requirements related to break housing as communicated by the Office of Residence Life.
  7. I understand that Regis College assumes no responsibility for personal belongings in Regis College housing at any time and does not offer storage space for personal belongings. I also understand that personal belongings left in my room following my occupancy will be boxed up and stored for two (2) weeks and then donated to charity.
  8. I shall not be, nor permit another to be, an agent in the advertising or sale of any products or services without explicit written permission of the Dean of Students or their designee.
  9. I agree to cooperate in observing the quiet hours designed for study and to respect the right of others to an atmosphere conducive to study and growth as specified in the Regis College Student Handbook.
  10. I agree to act as a responsible citizen in the use and care of my room and the common facilities.
  11. I recognize and accept the right of Regis College to suspend or expel my residency privileges if it is determined that my conduct is detrimental to the welfare of the community or if I otherwise violate the terms of the Regis College Student Handbook or this Student Housing Contract. If suspended or expelled from housing, I understand that I will not receive any refund on my room or board charges. Conduct that may result in suspension or expulsion from Regis College housing may include, but is not limited to:
    • Possession, use, or distribution of illegal or illicit drugs, including marijuana in any amount.
    • Illegal possession, use, or distribution of alcohol.
    • Possession or use of explosives, firecrackers, firearms, any weapon, or substance that might endanger the welfare of individuals or the community.
    • Tampering with or misuse of fire-fighting and safety equipment.
    • Failure to respond properly to fire and safety regulations, drills, or evacuation procedures.
    • Failure to attend required meetings convened for the purpose of discussing housing issues or other Regis College matters.
    • Behavior that demonstrates disregard for Regis College housing guidelines and expectations.
    • Nonpayment of room and board or other charges.
  12. I agree to abide by Regis College’s zero tolerance policy for violence and understand that my residency can be revoked if I engage in violent behavior at any time.
  13. I understand that I must continually satisfy the following requirements at all times during my occupancy:
    • Be registered for and attending a minimum of four (4) classes, equaling a minimum of 12 credits, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Office of Student Affairs.
    • Be financially clear through the Student Account's office to participate in housing selection or college housing
    • If I fail to meet any of the above conditions, I may lose my privilege to live in housing.
  14. In my interactions in the Regis College community (including the residence halls, social networks, or elsewhere), I agree not to discriminate against others by reason of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, age, disability, veteran status, or natural origin.
  15. The Office of Residence Life will attempt to accommodate all roommate requests within reason.
  16. Regis College reserves the right to inspect residence hall rooms at all reasonable times. Residence Life staff will typically provide advance notice to the occupant(s) prior to an inspection.
  17. I agree to pay any charges resulting from damage to my assigned room or to residence hall common areas, notwithstanding normal wear and tear, occurring during my occupancy. I understand that all damage to walls, ceilings, floors, furniture or woodwork is to be charged to the individual residing in the room and that residents are held collectively responsible for damage to residence hall common areas (study rooms, halls, common areas, bathrooms, elevators, etc.).
  18. I agree to only use kitchen/cooking appliances such as microwaves, hotplates, coffee pots, and Keurigs - in the kitchenette areas and not in the residence hall rooms or lounges.
  19. I agree to comply with all safety measures regarding electrical appliances as indicated in the Regis College Student Handbook or by the Office of Residence Life.
  20. I will not have the following items in my room: incense and candles (decorative or otherwise), pets, or halogen lamps.
  21. For each academic term or year for which I seek Regis College housing, I agree to pay a housing deposit in full according to a deadline set forth by the Regis College. Upon receipt of the housing deposit by the established deadline and, depending on the availability of space within the residence halls, Regis College will reserve living accommodations for me in Regis College housing for the stated academic terms. I understand that this housing deposit is non-refundable, but will be applied towards my overall Regis College account if I withdraw from Regis College housing.
  22. If I lose a key to a residence hall and/or an individual residence hall room, I understand I will be charged $200.00 per key, or an amount equal to the actual cost to Regis College to replace the affected key(s), replace the affected lock(s), or otherwise restore building security for the residence hall.
  23. I agree to participate fully in the dining services program for the entire period of occupancy.
  24. I understand that smoking, of any kind, is a fire hazard, and therefore, not permitted in any residence hall.
  25. I understand that the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to fill any and all available space in the residence halls and residence hall rooms. This may require that I move to another placement or that I receive a new roommate(s). Failure to comply with such changes may result in my being charged for occupying a single room.
  26. I understand the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to require a resident to move to a different Regis College housing assignment when deemed necessary at any time.
  27. I understand all Regis College-provided furniture must remain in my room and/or common areas at all times, unless otherwise approved by the Office of Residence Life.

For a complete list of polices, please review the Student Handbook.

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