Frequently Asked Housing Questions

How do I enter a maintenance work order?

Enter maintenance work orders here.

  • You first time on the website, enter the Organization Account number: 890126526
  • Use you Regis login info to create an account to sign into the MySchoolBuilding page
  • Click on the Location tab and select the building where the work needs to be done.
  • Click on area to select the floor where the work needs to be done
  • Type in the room number in the Area/Room Number field.
  • Select the Problem Type that best describes the issue that you are reporting.
  • Type the Description of the problem you are reporting.
  • Select the date that you would like it to be done by.
  • Enter the password: workorder

Please be patient for turnaround as the maintenance team works to care for the entire campus.

When will I know who my roommate is?

First year students can begin the housing process in June. All placements will be made in early August. First year students can log in the Adirondack Portal to see their room assigments and roommate.

Transfer students will be contacted by Residence Life when they have been assigned a room and roommate.

I have a friend who is also attending Regis and living on campus. Can I live with that friend?

You can request to live with a specific person trough the Adirondack Portal. However, first year students may only live with first year students.

What can I have in my room?

Please visit the Pack Your Bags section for a complete list of items to bring to Regis.

Please Note: If you are under 21 years old, you cannot have any alcohol paraphernalia, including promotional items and shot glasses.

What do I do if I am having a problem with my roommate?

We encourage open and honest communication between roommates in order to solve any potential issue that may arise. If a student needs further support we advise you to speak with a Resident Assistant or the Area Coordinator of the building in which you live.

What if I have questions or problems with my bill?

Students who believe they have been erroneously charged fees related to the Residence Life Office should speak with a Residence Life staff member at 781-768-7452. Staff will review the charges on the student’s bill and explain the nature of the charge (i.e. damages, fines, furniture, etc.). However, all other questions and/or problems regarding a student’s bill should be discussed with the Center for Student Services at 781-768-7270.

Office of Residence Life

Lower Student Center 123



Regis College Residential Life: Frequently Asked Housing Questions