Welcome to Orientation!

Welcome to Regis!

Orientation is a student’s first step into college living! At Orientation, you will meet the members of your class, meet our amazing Orientation Leader Staff and get a taste of what our amazing community holds for you when you arrive for the fall or spring semester! The Office of New Student Orientation is here to help you get situated in your new home at Regis!

We hold an Orientation program in January for our new and transfer students that will start in the spring semester. We also hold an Orientation program in July for our new and transfer students who will be joining us for the fall semester. For those that can’t attend that Orientation, we hold another Orientation program before the start of the academic year for our International Students and any student that has not yet attended an Orientation at Regis! Orientation is critical to the success of each student. Not only will you meet new friends, make new connections and learn about your new home, you will also have some fun and sign up for classes!

We are excited to welcome you to campus! Please know that my office door is always open for you. Welcome to your new home!


James Guaragna, MS
Director, New Student Programs & Engagement

Orientation Program at Regis
Orientation, new student, freshman, check-in
Meet new friends, sign up for a club, and get to know our Orientation Leader staff at Regis. Orientations are held for fall and spring semesters.