Graduate Student Peer Mentoring Program

Regis aims to provide all students with a positive and enriching academic experience, in which connections are made with faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow students. All accepted graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor. For most graduate programs, the faculty advisor is the Graduate Program Director. The advisor and contact information are indicated in your acceptance letter. A phone or in-person appointment should be made with your advisor during your academic career to confirm your curriculum plan.

In addition to faculty advisors, new graduate students in select Regis programs* are assigned a graduate student peer mentor upon acceptance. A Peer Mentor is a current student in his or her final year or recent alum that is available to answer questions, ask for advice, or just to listen. Graduate student peer mentors can provide support and information to students who are just beginning the graduate program. Peer mentors can advise on their own experiences in the program, including which courses they took or liked, how to approach research, or how to begin the search for field work/internships/jobs. If you are interested in serving as a Graduate Student Peer Mentor or if you just want additional information on the program, please email the Office of Graduate Affairs at

*Beginning fall 2015, students in the following programs will be assigned peer mentors: Communication, Health Administration, Regulatory & Clinical Research, Heritage Studies, and Applied Behavior Analysis. Additional programs will be added in subsequent years.


Office of Graduate Affairs

Regis College Graduate Affairs: Graduate Student Peer Mentoring Program