Meet the Unity Committee

Kathy Anastasia

I am a member of the Unity Committee to keep diversity and inclusion as an institutional priority and to engage students, faculty and staff from all nationalities, races, cultures, and backgrounds

Fun fact: I met President Obama.

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College Hall Room 364


Kelly Brochu

I am a member of the Unity Committee because I am passionate about education and co-curricular learning around diversity and inclusion. My previous work experiences have always included being a part of educating myself and the community members around me in regards to identity, inclusion, and embracing each others differences as assets and not barriers. I am also driven to educate around privilege and in return continue my own exploration of privilege and how to best channel it towards advocating for equity and appreciation for how beautiful diversity is especially on our campus here at Regis. Unity, to me, means bringing individuals of all identities together harmoniously to discuss progress, have open-mindedness, and work towards being cognizant of their biases and values.

Fun fact: I'm a puppy mom!

Contact information:

Lower Student Center / Angela Hall


David A. Crisci

The core values of the Sisters of St. Joseph are at the heart of the word unity. As the Director of the Center for Global Connections. I feel it is important to be a part of this committee so that we can view unity on an international scale so that we help our international students feel like a part of our community. Compassion, cooperation and peace among all. Not just on campus but globally.

Fun fact: I own a drone and model rockets which I enjoy flying. I also enjoy photography since I was in 7th grade.

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College Hall Room 207

Erica Devine

I am a member of the Unity Committee because I want to work with like minded individuals to make our diverse campus a truly warm and welcoming place for all. I want not just our students but our faculty and staff to be able to share their views on the world and have a sense of security on our campus.

Contact Information:

Lower Student Center, Student Programming & Leadership

Walt Horner

I believe in the CSJ's focus of reconciliation through unity and the formation of the whole person. Unity is the ideal, the ultimate goal as defined by the Sisters of St. Joseph. But creating a Regis community that truly embraces diversity, understands the importance of equity, and strives for inclusive excellence will require a lot of hard work and sa

Fun fact: My favorite season is winter... by a long shot. I get along with snow.

Contact information:

Student Center Room 213


Anabella Morabito

I believe the cause of the Unity Committee is directly linked with our mission at the Center for Ministry and Service and likewise the mission of the wider school community. To love our Dear Neighbor is to invite them into unity with us. The official definition of the word unity is "the state of being united or joined as a whole." When reading this definition I come to frame my own in the concept of wholeness. Unity is when we can be our own wholesome selves within a group and still be an

Fun fact: When I was 5 years old I got lost in a Museum in Venezuela and in trying to look for my parents I ran into Hillary and Bill Clinton.

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St. Joseph Hall Room 4


Ben Remillard

I am part of the Unity Committee to represent academic support at Regis, I want to make sure students have the opportunities they need to make their voices heard and to feel like they belong on this campus. Unity is the end result of people from different walks of life and perspectives coming together for a common cause

Fun fact: I possess 10 bookcases worth of books #NeverStopLearning

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Library Second Floor (in ACE)

Angela Santa Fe

I am a member of the Unity Committee because I value a sense of belonging and the benefit of collaboration without judgements. Unity is coming together in harmony with each other; through understanding, respect and collaboration creating an entity more powerful than our one self

Fun fact: In 2010 I was an ESL teacher/nanny in Istanbul, Turkey, working for the 3rd most affluent family in the country

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Sabrina Gabrielle Telemaque

I am a member of the Unity committee because I believe that at Regis it is important for us to be united as one and to embrace one another in all aspects of life. Unity means to me being together as one and being able to achieve any set goal together and being able to attack various issues as one unit.

Fun fact: I can speak 3 languages

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Laura Violette

I am a member of the Unity committee because I want to be part of the growth of Regis, the growth and development of the mind and character of our students, and want to be able take action and live up to what I stand for and my beliefs. Unity is the existence of support, strength, and trust in any relationship.

Fun fact: I have a huge collection of Starburst candy wrappers!

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Bernard Jackson, Jr.

I feel that I can contribute to the process of unifying our campus community. A unified campus strives to ensure that every student has a voice in what we are trying to achieve.

Fun fact: I am a Certified Personal Trainer.

Contact information:

College Hall Room 373

Erin Wisniewski

I am a member of the Unity Committee because it is important to have the tough conversations to make Regis the best place it can be. Unity means recognizing that we come from various places in the world and in life and are all working toward a common goal for our community.

Fun fact: I am fluent in Spanish.

Contact information:

Lower Student Center, Student Programming & Leadership

Contact Information

Michelle Cromwell
AVP Inclusive Excellence / Chief Diversity Officer
St. Joseph Hall, Vestry




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