Understanding the Student Conduct Process at Regis: FAQ's

What is the Regis Student Code of Conduct?

  • The Regis Student Code of Conduct is a set of behavioral expectations for our students to live by while they are enrolled at Regis and informs students of what we as a university define as appropriate behaviors. As an institution founded by the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Jospeh of Boston, the Regis Student Code of Conduct expects a high standard of conduct. The Regis Code of Conduct is available for you to review online in the Regis Student Handbook. Students are expected to download and read the handbook; Regis does not distribute printed copies.

My student has been called to a conduct hearing. What does this hearing look like?

  • At Regis, we believe that all students who have alleged policy violation as are allowed due process. Our conduct process is one that is developmental and educational, with the expectation that our students learn from this experience. Depending on the level of the incident, students will participate in an Administrative Hearing or a Conduct Board Hearing.
  • During an Administrative Hearing, students have the opportunity to meet with one of our trained Administrative Hearing Officers to discuss the alleged violation.  During this time, the student will have the opportunity to give their account of the situation and to state whether or not they were responsible for violating a policy. We strongly encourage our students to familiarize themselves with the policy they are alleged of violating prior to their hearing. A decision is then made following the hearing by the Administrative Hearing Officer that the student meets with and the student is given that decision via email.
  • During a Conduct Board Hearing, students will meet with our conduct board to discuss the alleged violation. Our Conduct Board is comprised up of trained faculty members, staff and students. An explanation of the process is within the Conduct Process of the Regis Student Handbook.

What are the possible outcomes from this hearing?

  • There is a range of sanctioning that can be given if a student is found responsible of violating a policy at Regis. A list of possible outcomes is available for you to review in our Student Handbook. Our sanctioning process is developmental and educational; the goal is to make the best decision for the specific student who is found to be violating a policy, while maintaining the safety of the Regis community. Regis reserves the right to impose sanctions outside of those listed in the handbook.

Why can’t the Office of Student Conduct give me more information on my student’s case?

  • Regis values the role of parents in the student experience and is committed to partnering with parents/guardians when appropriate. Students are expected to communicate with their parents/guardians directly, as campus officials are limited in the information that can be shared. Regis and our Administrative Hearing Officers are unable to disclose information due to the Federal Education Rights and Protection Act, also known as FERPA. To view more information on FERPA, please visit our Registrar website. Our Administrative Hearing officers and the Office of Student Conduct are limited in what they can share with you about your student's incident. However, if a parent/guardian would like to discuss the specific details of a student’s conduct case, we will arrange a meeting with the parent/guardians and the students. The Office of Student Conduct will not furnish information about other students.

What can I do to support my student while they are in the conduct process?

  • We strongly encourage the parents of students going through the conduct process to review the Student Handbook and keep an open line of communication with their student until the process is complete. While the Office of Student Conduct is unable to speak with parents in regards specific incidents, we are more than happy to review the process your student will go through with you.

I have more questions. Who can I speak to?

  • Please feel free to contact Kelly Golden, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Chief Conduct Officer at 781-768-7535 or email: kelly.golden@regiscollege.edu

Contact Information

Kelly Golden, MA
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs/Chief Conduct Officer


Regis College Office of Student Conduct: Conduct Processes FAQ