Residence Hall Living

Welcome Class of 2020!

Housing Placements

The Office of Residence Life uses an online placement system, the Adirondack Portal. You may log on now to this portal to see your residence placement and roommate.  This portal will be used throughout your time at Regis for housing information, applications, and meal plans.

First-Year #RegisMoveIn and Welcome

First-Year students will move in on Sunday, September 4th. Check in will begin at 9:00 AM in Angela Hall. 

For more information click here.

We encourage all students to be on campus by 1:00pm to participate in Sunday afternoon and evening activities. Monday will include a variety of events and activities on campus. These events will be your first chance to meet your RA, hall staff, floor mates, other campus partners as well as reconnect with your Orientation Leader and group!

Classes begin on Tuesday, September 6th.

Welcome Back Returning Students! Move-in day is Monday, September 5th.


We are excited to have you returning to campus. 

Monday, September 5th  10am-3pm
Move-in (with FastPass): 10am-3pm, Assigned residence hall*
Check-in for holds: College Hall Foyer

For more detailed information about #RegisMovein click here.



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