Graduate Student Degree Time Limit and Leave of Absence Policy

Time Limit and Registration Requirements

The time limit for completion of all Regis College graduate degree requirements, including any research or thesis project, is five years (for programs with less than 36 credits) or seven years (for programs with 36 or more credits) from date of matriculation. This includes the semester in which the degree is awarded. Students who are unable to complete their program requirements within the specific number of years can apply for an extension of time from their Graduate Program Director1.

Registration in a minimum of two semesters per year is required to assure steady progress toward completion of the degree, except when a leave of absence is granted (See below). The names of persons not registered or on approved leave of absence for three consecutive semesters may be removed from the roster.

At the thesis or dissertation stage, students must maintain continuous registration, unless a leave of absence has been granted. Students who have completed or have already enrolled for all needed credits and who need to maintain continuous enrollment while completing a thesis, project or other degree requirement must enroll for the one credit Graduate Seminar (GD999) and pay a $150 enrollment maintenance fee in addition to any other required fees. This fee provides the student with access to college facilities and regular contact with faculty advisors and/or committee members.

Leave of Absence Policy for Graduate Students

A leave of absence is intended to recognize situations in which a student, for sufficient reason, temporarily can make no progress in her/his graduate program for more than one semester2. During such a leave, a student has no access to college facilities and should not expect to have regular contact with advisors or committee members. A leave, however, does not extend the overall time limitation on degree programs (see above). Leaves of absence are granted for a maximum of four consecutive semesters (fall, spring, summer 1, summer 2) by petition to the Office of Graduate Affairs. Students pursuing a leave of Absence should follow the procedure below:

Before beginning your Leave of Absence

Before returning from your Leave of Absence

  • Complete the “Graduate Student Petition to end Leave of Absence” form.
  • Speak to your Graduate Program Director to ensure that you will be able to satisfactorily complete your degree.
  • Submit your completed form to the Director of Graduate Student Affairs. You may not register for classes before receiving approval to return from the Office of Graduate Affairs.3

1 Time limitations and/or extensions may be enforced or permitted for purposes of program accreditation and licensure requirements.

2 While Graduate Students are not required to make a formal Leave of Absence request if they will only be away for one semester, it is expected that they will not make use of College resources during semesters when they are not enrolled.

3 Students may be required to take additional steps before resuming studies based on the discretion of the Office of Graduate Affairs, the Graduate Program Director and the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Regis College Office of Graduate Affairs: Graduate Student Leave of Absence (LOA) Policy