Common Reading Announcement

A Man Called Ove coverThe First-Year Experience Common Read program is an initiative designed to provide new students with a common intellectual experience, and foster conversation and community building throughout the university. Regis encourages students, faculty, and staff to incorporate selected works and their themes into course curricula and co-curricular programming throughout the school year. First-year students receive a copy of the book, A Man Called Ove during Orientation, and purchase Tattoos on the Heart as an ebook as part of First-Year Seminar.

If a member of the Regis community has an idea for the 2018-2019 Common Read, please submit it here.

Selections for the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year include A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman and Tattoos on the Heart by Fr. Greg Boyle.

Tattoos on the Heart coverAs part of Heritage Week, the entire Regis community is invited to join Fr. Greg Boyle, author of the 2017 Regis Common Read Tattoos on the Heart, and learn about his ground-breaking social justice work. For thirty years, Fr. Greg has run Homeboy Industries, a gang intervention and rehabilitation program in Los Angeles, the gang capital of the world. In Tattoos on the Heart, he distills his experience into a series of parables inspired by faith and that put Regis’ core tenant of “love and service to the Dear Neighbor” on breathtaking display.

A group of students were fortunate to spend time with Fr. Boyle during a service trip last December and Regis is excited to welcome Fr. Boyle in March 2018 as part of the university’s annual Heritage Week celebration.

In A Man Called Ove, Fredrik Backman writes about a curmudgeon named Ove who carries staunch principles, strict routines, and a short fuse. But the reader learns that just because Ove is bitter does not mean he’s impassionate. Over time, Ove learns the importance of another Regis tenant, “Welcoming to all, without distinction” and embodies the Sisters of St. Joseph value of “love and service to the Dear Neighbor.”

Happy reading!

The 2017/18 Common Reading Committee

Kathy Anastasia
Kelly Brochu
Bridget Buoniconti
Anthony D’Aries
Bernard Jackson
Dan Leahy
Alison McAdams
Jane Peck
Fran Power-Charnitsky
Walt Horner

Regis College First-Year Experience: Common Reading Program