What is Co-Curricular Learning?

Learning… beyond the classroom

In April 2013, the Regis faculty passed a comprehensive co-curricular learning proposal designed to (1) increase the number and diversity of co‐curricular learning experiences available to Regis undergraduate and graduate students, (2) unify the co‐curriculum with the academic curriculum and the Regis College Educational Goals and Learning Outcomes, and (3) provide additional opportunities for credit‐bearing co‐curricular learning that enhance the academic program and engage more students in learning beyond the classroom.

Co-curricular learning is defined as purposeful and assessable learning that complements the academic program and occurs beyond the traditional classroom.

Co‐curricular learning can occur in any number of ways, including, but not limited to: involvement in student organizations and leadership positions; engagement with civic, community service, and service-learning opportunities; participation in athletics, intramural, and recreation programs; attendance at lectures and skill‐building workshops; participation in internships, alternative breaks, and study abroad; involvement in cultural and social enrichment events; and other experiential learning‐focused interactions between members of the Regis community and beyond.

For more information about Co-Curricular Learning at Regis, please contact Mark Harrington, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, at mark.harrington@regiscollege.edu.

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