Clubs and Organizations

Regis College students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of organizations and clubs. An activities fair is hosted at the start of each academic year to recruit new members.

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Asian-American Association (AAA)

The Asian American Association (AAA) is a student-run organization that welcomes all students interested in learning about the Asian culture. AAA’s goal is to reach out, give back, and have fun with the community while spreading knowledge about Asian traditions. Annually, the club has big events such as Fear Factor, Thanksgiving dinner, and an End of the Year dinner, from which all proceeds go to a charity chosen by the club.


Black Student Organization (BSO)

The purpose of the Black Student Organization is to educate, acknowledge, and address the diversity, history, and lifestyle of people of African descent. The Black Student Organization will serve as an organization that fosters student development through diversity and aims at promoting awareness for the many origins of Black culture. Through engaging discussions and activities, the group works as a unit to develop and build lasting friendships. Follow the Black Student Organization on Twitter and Instagram at @Regis_BSO.


Campus Ministry

This organization provides opportunities for people of all faiths to grow spiritually. Together, student leaders and campus ministers plan and participate in liturgies, retreats, community service, faith sharing, social events, sacramental preparation, and more.

Cape Verdean Student Association (CVSA)

The Cape Verdean Student Association is a student run organization that welcomes students interested in learning about the Cape Verdean cultural roots. CVSA hosts bi-weekly meetings and events throughout the school year such as Maintenance Appreciation Day.


Dance Company

Dance Company is a student run and organized club open to all students, with or without dance experience. Members practice various styles of dance in preparation for performances on campus, including a large recital for the entire community at the end of the semester. Students are able to gain leadership and choreography opportunities within this club, as well as general membership to stay in shape or cultivate a new talent.

Dynasty Step Squad

Stepping is as much a cultural celebration as it is a form of rhythmic entertainment. The Dynasty Step Squad is a team who prides themselves on strength, honor, and loyalty. They respect their craft as well as their founders and strive to be role models to their predecessors. Dynasty exhibits their talents while performing on and off campus at various shows and competitions. You can keep up with Dynasty by liking them on Facebook (Dynasty Step Squad), following them on Twitter (@RC_DynastyStep), or following them on Instagram (@RC_DynastyStep).


Education Club

The Education Club provides support for students in the Education Department, creates a sense of community within the Education Program, and uses the knowledge and talents of the members to reach out to the Regis College community as a whole. Throughout the year the club provides opportunities which supplement what students are learning in the classroom and experiencing in the field, and also hosts events focused on recognizing the efforts and accomplishments of students in the Education Program.


Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

The Regis College GSA is an accepting place for all people regardless of sexual orientation. The GSA brings together gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer students and straight allies to fight homophobia on campus and in the community. By raising awareness of different sexual and gender identities, linking homophobia with other oppressions, and advocating for equal treatment for students of all sexual orientations, the GSA works to create a school environment free of homophobic discrimination.

Glee Club

The Glee Club has shared its beautiful music with audiences locally as well as internationally. Members practice regularly each week and deliver moving performances throughout the semester. Auditions take place during summer orientation and again in the fall.


Hemetera (literary magazine)

Produced annually since 1946, Hemetera is a literary publication that features the written word and visual arts of Regis students, faculty, and staff. The project is coordinated and published by members who work collaboratively with an advisor.


International Club

The International Club is designed to bring students from all parts of the world together to teach the Regis Community about their varying cultures. Open to all students, the club hosts a variety of events throughout the academic year, including performances, trips, and debates. Additionally, the members of the club participate in International Education Week during the month of November.


Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

This club brings together students of Latin descent, celebrating their heritage and promoting awareness of their cultural traditions. LASO members hold various celebrations and perform traditional dances at various campus events.


Mentor Program

This club focuses on developing the academic, career, and leadership skills of the Freshman class, while easing the high school to college transition. Mentors and mentees will learn about the importance of becoming involved in the campus community, where they can grow academically, spiritually, and socially, while promoting service to others, universal respect, and unity through diversity in keeping with the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.

Minutes For Memories - Regis College Chapter

This is a chapter branching from the Boston-based non-profit, Minutes For Memories. This club is geared towards spreading awareness of physical and neurological debilitating injuries affecting children 5-25. Through coordinating unique events, such as sporting matches, guest speakers, and movie nights, the club’s ultimate goal is to increase awareness for the non-profit and inspire students, children, and parents to get involved, allowing more memories to be created for each child.

Mount Regis (yearbook)

Are photos your thing? Do you like to do behind-the-scenes work? If so, the yearbook provides a great creative outlet for those who would like to help document memories of our time here at Regis.


Orientation Leaders

OLs work together to prepare incoming students for college. These energetic and dedicated students receive on-campus training over the summer to help them make the most of their experience—and to better acclimate incoming first-year students.


Political and Global Events (PaGE)

The Politics and Global Events club of Regis College is committed to raising political and civic awareness throughout the Regis College community and beyond by raising awareness of current events, political issues, and encouraging students to make informed voting decisions.

Pride Photo

The mission of Pride Photo is built on the foundation of the communications field and love for capturing moments. The organization strives to establish a sense of community by collaborating with other Regis College groups and events in addition to hosting their own. Pride Photo’s vision is to capture events on and off campus that represent and inspire the lives of college students through art.


Regis College Science Association (RCSA)

To bring science and non-science majors together in an effort to share their knowledge with the community, be involved in helping the community, and to better understand the importance of scientific awareness.


Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

This organization is comprised of student athletes dedicated to raising school spirit through activities and events such as pep rallies. 

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA, the elected governing body that serves as an umbrella for all recognized clubs and organizations on campus, consists of six representatives from each class and four executive officers. Its main responsibilities are to allocate funds to student groups, handle student issues, and make formal recommendations. SGA also acts as a liaison between students and administration in an effort to improve student life on campus.

Student Nursing Association (SNA)

The Regis College Student Nursing Association invites current Regis College undergraduate students to apply growing classroom and clinical knowledge to real-life scenarios in order to optimize current and future nursing practices. Membership is open to undergraduate students who are either enrolled or planning to enroll in nursing (or a related health profession).


Tower Society

This organization consists of students representing all classes, clubs, and interests on campus to assist in the recruitment process. Members are selected through an interview process and participate in admission events such as open houses and overnights. They also give campus tours, participate in student panels, and contact prospective students. Please contact the Admission Office for more information.



This club is geared towards any and all students, experienced or not, who have a passion for music, talk shows, DJing, and campus events, as well as those interested in learning to use the radio station equipment. The radio station is not specifically geared towards playing music, but also focuses on having live talk shows, guest speakers, and call-in, interactive shows with students.

You can find streaming links for the station here.


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