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The primary focus of the Center for Ministry & Service at Regis is to foster and develop the spiritual life of students, faculty, and staff. While preserving the rich Catholic heritage of the College, the Center for Ministry & Service seeks to provide opportunities for persons of all faiths to grow spiritually.

A Summer of Service

Regis’ Graduate Student Shares his Passion for Soccer with Kids in Kenya

Jeff ParrishJeff Parrish, graduate intern in the Center for Ministry and Service, devoted his summer to service. In July, he led six volunteers on a trip to Kenya as part of the SoccerPlus Outreach program he co-founded.

They worked with Davis Ouma, also known as the Slum Father, who serves as the director of soccer operations for the Network. The Network is an extensive club which uses soccer as a platform to promote education in the Manyatta Slum in Kisumu, reaching more than 600 children and young adults.

Ouma coaches Kisumu Greenland SoccerPlus FC, the club soccer team which plays semi-professional ball in Kenya's fourth division. The 30 players on the team are each responsible for running their own teams of 20 children to play in the league. These coaches are also responsible for tracking their players’ school attendance and grades. Coaches also teach life skills classes and promote community service opportunities with their teams.

Parrish’s service included working with leadership and coaching the youth team as well as teaching lessons off the field. The volunteers took the youth players to professional soccer matches, held movie night socials, co-taught life skills classes, and visited schools in the area. The goal was to promote team bonding and create a group that would give back and contribute positively to their own larger community. Another emphasis was health and wellness off the field, promoting healthy living by encouraging young people to take care of their minds, bodies, and spirits. Please check out this blog for more photos, videos, and descriptions of the Network and the experience.

The Center for Ministry & Service offers an opportunity to...

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Please stop by our office to introduce yourself, chat, stay updated, and find new ways to connect! Whether you are searching for a faith community or are simply searching for a comfortable couch, we are here for you.

Students describe the Center for Ministry & Service in these words: "Heeding our Christian call, the Center for Ministry & Service welcomes students of all faiths to grow spiritually through serving their community, exploring themselves and God, and becoming members of today's society" (Student Leaders' Mission Statement).

Student from all backgrounds are always welcome to inquire about what the Center for Ministry & Service has to offer. For more information, please call 781-768-7027, visit the Center for Ministry & Service in Saint Joseph Hall Room 4 or e-mail us at

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The Center for Ministry & Service is committed to fostering your spiritual needs and encouraging you "to act justly, love tenderly, serve one another and walk humbly with God." Micah 6:8


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