Center for Ministry & Service

Welcome to the Regis Center for Ministry & Service!

The primary focus of the Center for Ministry & Service at Regis is to foster and develop the spiritual life of students, faculty, and staff. While preserving the rich Catholic heritage of the university, the Center for Ministry & Service seeks to provide opportunities for persons of all faiths to grow spiritually.

Service & Immersion Trips

The Center for Ministry & Service offers an opportunity to...

  • Get Connected
  • Meet our Leadership
  • Reach Out to Others
  • Celebrate Friends
  • Explore the Big Questions
  • Worship
  • Become a Leader
  • Have Fun

Please stop by our office to introduce yourself, chat, stay updated, and find new ways to connect! Whether you are searching for a faith community or are simply searching for a comfortable couch and some popcorn, we are here for you.

Students from all backgrounds are always welcome to inquire about what the Center for Ministry & Service has to offer. For more information, please call 781-768-7027, visit the Center for Ministry & Service in Saint Joseph Hall Room 4 or e-mail us at

Connect with us on Social Media:

Twitter: @regisministry

Instagram: @regiscms

Facebook: @regiscms

The Center for Ministry & Service

St. Joseph Hall Room 4

We invite you to visit. All are welcome.

The Center for Ministry & Service is committed to fostering your spiritual needs and encouraging you "to act justly, love tenderly, serve one another and walk humbly with God." Micah 6:8



Regis College Catholic Heritage: Center for Ministry & Service
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Regis College, a small Catholic college outside Boston, fosters and develops the spiritual life of campus members, welcoming all faiths.