"Try a one credit course in industry specific areas."
Dr. Joel Feinblatt, Graduate Program Director, RCRM

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"Earn a graduate certificate in just 4-6 courses."
Dr. Kathy Donaher, Graduate Program Director, Health Informatics

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Professional Advancement

Regis College Professional Advancement opportunities provide adult students with flexible and cutting edge courses and educational tools needed to enhance their professional development and advance their careers.

Professional advancement opportunities at Regis range from one credit courses in industry specific areas, such as Personalized Medicine (RA 631) or Chinese Medical Device Regulation (RA 633), to 4-6 course certificate programs in areas including Communication for Healthcare Professionals, Integrative Health, Gerontology, Heath Informatics, and more.

The design and flexibility of our Professional Advancement opportunities cater to the needs of adult learners. Hybrid (half online/half on campus), turbo (4 day accelerated options), and weekend courses enable adults working full time to gain professional development needed to advance or change their careers.

Most Professional Development opportunities may be pursued without applying to a program at Regis, so students can choose to enroll as a non-matriculated student. For a list of professional advancement opportunities this semester, or to schedule a time to meet with an advisor, contact The Office of Graduate & Professional Programs – graduatedepartment@regiscollege.edu or 781.768.7330.

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