Interlibrary Loan

What is Interlibrary Loan?

The Interlibrary Loan staff borrows books, journal articles and other materials which the Regis College Library does not own, from other institutions. Requests for materials are made through an electronic network of college and research libraries nationwide. The Library also receives requests from other libraries to borrow our materials through the same system. This sharing of resources is known as Interlibrary Loan. This is different from requesting materials through the Minuteman Library Catalog.

Who is eligible for the Interlibrary Loan Service?

This service is available for Regis College students, faculty and staff.

How do you request an item through Interlibrary Loan?

The Interlibrary Loan request forms are available under the Services section of the Library web site and from the links listed above. All requests should be submitted electronically through these forms. In order to expedite your request, please verify that all information is correct.

What kinds of materials can be borrowed?

Books, copies of journal articles, ERIC documents and other materials are available through Interlibrary Loan. Generally, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, microfilm/fiche and other media items are not available for borrowing.

How long does it take to receive materials?

Books usually arrive within ten to twelve days after the request has been processed. Journal articles are usually received within four to five days, and ERIC documents are usually received within seven to ten days. Once a request has been processed, the Interlibrary Loan staff has no control over the amount of time it takes to receive an item. We can ask for things to be rushed, but there is no guarantee that it will arrive by a specified time.

If a requested item is in a Minuteman Library Network library, how long will it take to be delivered?

The requested items will come in the consortium delivery van which drops off and picks up materials each week day, excluding holidays. Please allow two-three days for requests to be processed.

What is the length of the loan period?

The average loan period for books is one month, unless otherwise designated by the lender.

Is there a fee for the Interlibrary Loan Service?

The Regis College Library does not charge patrons to use the Interlibrary Loan service. However, lending Libraries will occasionally impose a fee to borrow an item. The fee usually ranges between $8.00 and $12.00. If there is a fee involved, you will be charged a maximum of $5.00.

How will I know when my materials have arrived?

If you have requested articles, notification of arrival will be sent electronically to the email you provided when you made the request. They will be sent to you via email in an attachment or PDF unless you tell us otherwise when you make the request. Once we receive the article you will be notified by email. Books requested through Interlibrary Loan must be picked up at the Circulation Desk.

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