Master of Arts in Reading

Program Description

In collaboration with the MGH Institute of Health Professions, Regis College offers initially licensed teachers with a year of experience under that license, the opportunity to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching Reading. Licensure courses are under the direction of the MGH Institute and degree completion courses are at Regis College. Candidates can begin courses at either institution.


Education - Teaching Reading Courses

MGH IHP Reading Concentration is fulfilled through successful completion of the following courses

  • Language Acquisition
  • Development & Disorders of Oral Language, Reading, Writing
  • Diagnostic Methods
  • Reading & Writing in the Schools
  • Leading Literacy Change
  • School-Based Practicum
  • Multisensory Structured Reading and Clinic Practicum

Total: 18 credits

Regis College MAT Degree Program is fulfilled through successful completion of the following courses

  • ED 516 Developmental Issues & Learning in Students with Special Needs;
  • ED 519 A/B Curriculum Adaptations/Differentiated Learning
  • ID 512 or ID 513 Humanities in the Classroom
  • ED 520 Children’s Literature
  • ED 521 Classroom Management in Inclusive Classroom
  • ED 610 Research Seminar/Elective

Total: 18 credits

Effective July 2014

Program total: 36 credits

Courses may be taken concurrently through Regis and MGH Institute during a semester. Registration for MGH IHP courses must be completed through MGH IHP; Regis courses through Regis. Courses taken through MGH-IHP are charged at a rate of $618/credit.


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MTEL Information

  • In order to be accepted into the initial licensure program, candidates must pass the Communication/Literacy Test portion of the MTEL while taking the first two courses in the initial licensure program
  • In order to register for the practicum, candidates must pass the Foundations of Reading Test and the General Curriculum Multi-Subject Test and the Mathematics Sub-test portions of the MTEL.


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