Regulatory and Clinical Research Management - Clinical Research Management Track

The Master of Science Degree in Regulatory and Clinical Research Management - Clinical Research Management Track is designed for candidates who have baccalaureate degrees in the sciences or healthcare, or who are currently working in clinical research (with permission of Director). Candidates for this program are men and women who wish to advance in or seek a career in clinical research. Typical graduates work as clinical research associates or managers in medical product companies, clinical research organizations, or medical research centers.

This program allows the student to focus on clinical research. Electives allow the student to pursue other areas of interest, such as product regulation, health economics, reimbursements, health policy, or quality systems and risk management.

Students acquire skills, knowledge, and field experience that allow them to enter or advance careers in clinical research.

Degree Requirements

To be admitted into the program, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree. If the bachelor’s degree is not in the sciences or healthcare, the applicant must have appropriate experience in clinical research, healthcare, or medical products, and the permission of the Graduate Program Director.

Master of Science candidates complete 11 courses of study (33 credits), which include six core courses including a field experience project, three Clinical Research track courses, and two elective courses.

The program is flexible to fit the schedule of working professionals.  Evening or weekend courses are offered. Virtual classroom technology allows even more flexibility. The program can be completed in fifteen months by candidates who choose to take three courses during most terms. Most students choose to take fewer courses, earning their degree in two to three years.

Two non-Regis College graduate courses, relevant to the program, may be transferred from other accredited graduate schools with the approval of the program director. This option allows students to take medical technology courses not offered at Regis College.

Required Courses

Core requirements

  • RA 601 Overview of the Health Product Industry
  • RA 602A Overview of Health Product Regulation
  • HP 600 Biostatistics
  • HP 601 Health Ethics and Law
  • CO 613 Professional Writing
  • RA 605 Field Experience
    (usually taken after completion of the track requirements)

Clinical Research track requirements

  • RA 608 Clinical Research Methods
  • RA 609 Clinical Trial Management
  • RA 616 Project Management


Two electives are required. Possible electives include:

  • RA 603A Pharmaceutical Product Regulation
  • RA 604A Medical Device Regulation
  • RA 610 Medical Product Reimbursement and Regulation
  • RA 615 Risk Management and Quality Systems
  • RA 617 Combination Products and Advanced Product Regulation Issues
  • EC 623 Economics of Health Care
  • NU 618 Health Policy
  • NU 620 Clinical Pharmacology
  • Other graduate Communications courses (CO 6nnn)
  • Other graduate Health Profession courses (HP 6nn)

Other graduate courses at Regis College or other graduate schools may be taken as electives with the consent of the Health Product Regulation program director.

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