Nursing Leadership/Health Policy

The Nursing Leadership and Health Policy master's degree is designed to prepare baccalaureate nurses for leadership roles in health policy and politics. Nurses pursuing this degree will learn about the current policy issues impacting nursing and health care, how policy is made, and how to lead and influence the development of health policy through effective advocacy in the political process. Core Nursing Leadership courses are offered at Regis College. The three concentration courses are offered at Brandeis University through the Heller School of Social Policy and Management. All courses are offered at the Regis College tuition rate.

Students in this track earn a MS degree in Nursing Leadership and Health Policy. Graduate courses taken at other accredited institutions may be considered for transfer credit, up to six credits maximum. Students taking the standard two courses per semester will complete the program in two years. It is important that you meet with a faculty member, program director, the graduate chairperson or the Dean of the School of Nursing, Science and Health Professions to develop your personal curriculum plan as the sequencing of courses can impact the time it takes you to complete the program. Courses are offered evenings and weekends to accommodate working nurses.

Faculty advisor

Professor Mary Ann Hart, Please consult Professor Hart prior to selecting and registering for Brandeis courses.

9 Nursing Leadership Core Courses

  • NU 601 Nursing Theory (3 Credits)
  • NU 605 Concepts of Nursing Leadership (3 Credits)
  • NU 618 Seminar: Health Policy (3 Credits)
  • NU 612 Organizational and Structure in Nursing Leadership (3 Credits)
  • NU 623 Regulatory Issues in Nursing Leadership (3 Credits)
  • NU 630 Adv. Nursing Research (3 Credits) Prerequisite NU 601
  • HP 601 Health Ethics and Law (3 Credits)
  • HP 608 Healthcare Quality Management (3 Credits)
  • HP 622 Economics of Health Care (3 Credits)

Concentration Courses

  • HS 513A Issues in National Health Policy* (typically offered fall semester)
  • HS 521A Approaches to Political & Organizational Analysis* (typically offered spring)
  • One graduate elective, selected from Health Policy Course offerings at the Heller School*

*All three Health Policy Track courses must be completed through Brandeis University’s Heller School.

Graduate Elective

  • Graduate Elective (Options include courses in the RCRM, Public Health, or Biomedical Sciences program)

Mentorship Requirement

  • NU 627 Nursing Leadership Mentorship (3 Credits)
Regis College: Graduate Department