Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Program Description

The MS-BMS is a professional master’s degree that prepares the student to work in biomedical research and development. The curriculum includes rigorous interdisciplinary coursework in the basic sciences that are foundational to biomedical research, with an emphasis on critical evaluation of research and the application of knowledge and skills to biomedical research and development. Elective courses prepare the student to interact effectively within the biomedical research and development organization by enhancing a practical understanding of management, business, clinical trial design, public health and effective communication. The field experience in biomedical research serves as a capstone for the student to demonstrate his/her ability to analyze the scientific and organizational components of a research and development problem.

The program will help the individual develop skills and knowledge needed for leadership and supervisory roles in biomedical research and development, in nonprofit organizations such as university, hospital or government research laboratories, as well as in private organizations such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

The part time program offers courses year round (Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters). A student taking 2 courses a semester will complete the program in 28 months. The degree requires a total of 39 credits – 21 credits in basic biomedical sciences, 6 credits in field experience, and 12 credits in electives (e.g., business & management, communication, regulatory & clinical research management, epidemiology). A student may elect to take additional coursework to also earn a certificate in Clinical Research, Public Health, or Regulatory and Clinical Research Management.

Students must complete the equivalent of the following pre-requisites prior to entering the post-baccalaureate MS-BMS program. Please note that you may apply to the program while you are concurrently completing pre-requisite courses.

Regis Course Equivalent Course Name
CH 103 Chemical Structures & Reactions I/Lab1
CH 104 Chemical Structures & Reactions II/Lab1
CH 305 Organic Chemistry I/Lab
CH 306 Organic Chemistry II/Lab
Biology course Biology course/Lab2
Biology course Biology course/Lab2
Math/Quantitative Science course Mathematics/Quantitative Science3

1 Equivalent courses are general chemistry for science majors.
2 At least one of these biology courses should have a strong molecular/cellular component.
3 These should be college-level mathematics, such as calculus or statistics. Quantitative science would include physics or analytical chemistry

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Tuesday, July 8th, 12 noonBiomedical Sciences Online Information Session – Join us online to learn more about the graduate Biomedical Sciences program here at Regis. Please RSVP to 781.768.7746 or Limited to 25 spots.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 12 noonBiomedical Sciences Online Information Session – Join us online to learn more about the graduate Biomedical Sciences program here at Regis. Please RSVP to 781.768.7746 or Limited to 25 spots.


MS Biomedical Sciences Courses

Required Courses

  • Biochemistry I and II
  • Cell and Tissue Biology
  • Genetics
  • Human Physiology
  • Current Topics in Biomedical Research
  • Field Experience in Biomedical Sciences
  • Biostatistics

Elective Options

  • Overview Medical Product Industry
  • Overview of FDA Regulation
  • Clinical Research Methods
  • Health Ethics and Law
  • Advanced Writing for Health Professions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Introduction to Epidemiologic Methods
  • Analysis of Public Health Issues

Additional electives may be substituted if approved by the Graduate Program Director


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Contact Information

t 781-768-7330

Graduate Program Director

Michael E. Bilozur, Ph.D.
Department of Biology

Regis College: Graduate Department