MA in Heritage Studies for a Global Society

MA Program Description

The Master of Arts in Heritage Studies program responds to social and economic demands for the practical application of liberal arts skills in a variety of contexts. As historical, material, and cultural artifacts – ancient or modern, local, national or international, written or traditional – are lost, destroyed, or misrepresented and poorly understood, competent professionals with theoretical training across the disciplines will be in high demand. Our students are prepared for two pathways: academic and professional. The rigorous curriculum reinforces a student’s aptitude for successful scholarship, and the high standard – including an individualized thesis – prepares students for continued studies in graduate or professional schools, or doctoral programs in one of our affiliated universities. It is also a tool for skill sharpening and experience building in order to either gain or enhance professional employment in a variety of areas:

  • Museums and archives
  • Heritage tourism and historic site interpretation
  • Public history
  • Education
  • Publishing and editing
  • Historic preservation
  • Human services and health care
  • Community organizations (tribal and ethnic organizations, NGOs, social services, etc.)
  • Human resources
  • Law and government
  • Consulting and research
  • Non-profit organizations

The program can be completed full or part time, or as a 4+1 BA/MA. There are 9 courses and a capstone experience completed in 4 phases: Core Curriculum (four courses); Experiential and Community-Based Learning (two courses); Concentration Electives (three courses within a particular content area); Capstone (Oral Comprehensive Exam and Thesis).

Up to two courses may be taken prior to applying to the program. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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MA Heritage Studies Courses

Core Curriculum (12 Credits)

Students must complete the following courses:

  • HI 501 Historiography and Methods
  • HI 554 Ethnicity in American Culture
  • RS 551 Social Ethics
  • HI 601 Fieldwork Research Methods

Experiential and Community-based learning (6 Credits)

Students must complete 2 courses which include a curriculum featuring learning outcomes reflective of learning activities beyond the seminar. Such courses may include fieldwork, internship, practicum, service, etc. The following are examples; however, students may consult with the program director to evaluate options on a course by course basis.

  • ED 511 Teaching Today: Social Aspects
  • HI 511 Oral History and Performance
  • HI 512 Advanced Practice in Professional History
  • HI 516 Public History and Archaeology
  • HI 590 Thinking, Learning, Doing: Writing for the Liberal Arts
  • ID 344/345 Museum Studies Practicum
  • RS 560 Philosophy of Religious Education
  • TH 527 Museum Theatre
  • TH 525 Drama as a Learning Medium

Concentration electives (9 Credits)

Students must complete 3 courses in a desired concentration, such as: Public Heritage; Hispanic Culture in Literature; Heritage, Education and Performance; Biocultural Diversity; or Cultural Heritage in the Workplace. The following are examples of elective courses; however, students may consult with the program director to evaluate options.

  • DA 519 Styles of Dance in World Cultures
  • HI 500 Ethnohistory
  • HI 511 Oral History and Performance
  • HI 512 Advanced Practice in Professional History
  • HI 540 Landscape & Memory: The Commoditization of History
  • HI 688 Advanced Topics (depending on topic)
  • TH 527 Museum Theatre
  • HI 502C Problems in Archaeology
  • HI 516 Public History and Archaeology
  • HI 502D The Writer as Historian
  • MS 501 Introduction to Museum Studies
  • MS 502 Introduction to Museum Management
  • SP 501/502 Reading Seminar
  • SP 507 Theatre: From the Golden Age to the Present
  • SP 508 Spanish Writers of the Nineteenth Century
  • SP 511 Latin American Literature I
  • SP 512 Latin American Literature II
  • SP 514 Spanish Cinema
  • SP 518 Spanish Literature from Twentieth Century to the Present
  • SP 525 Latino/a Writers in the United States
  • SP 601/602 Coordinating Seminar
  • TH 525 Drama as a Learning Medium
  • CO 612 Health Communication Management
  • HP 606 Analysis of Public Health Issues
  • HP 633 Intro. Epidemiologic Methods
  • NU 618 Health Policy
  • NU 716-01 Culture & Health: Perspectives

Capstone Experience (3 Credits)

HI 508D Colloquium: The Capstone Experience brings Heritage Studies students from all concentrations together in a single colloquium setting to share what they have learned, discuss research, and lead discussions which put their unique perspectives in dialog with the program’s common themes. The colloquium will conclude with a comprehensive oral exam and presentations of each student’s thesis or culminating project.


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