EdD in Higher Education Leadership


The mission of the EdD in Higher Education Leadership program at Regis College is to prepare scholarly practitioners with the skills needed to connect research with practice, lead high-performing organizations, and contribute to student learning. The program is directly aimed at professional practitioners in higher education and other leadership venues serving in capacities that focus on: 1) academic administration; 2) teaching and learning; and 3) institutional research, planning and advancement.

The EdD Program in Higher Education Leadership supports the College’s interest in preparing students “for roles of leadership and service in the modern world.” Download the EdD Program Brochure.

Program Goals/Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Regis College EdD program in Higher Education Leadership will be scholarly practitioners who will:

  1. Use self-analysis, inquiry and purposeful reflection to continually improve their own professional practice;
  2. Ask engaging and important questions, formulate appropriate strategies for investigating these questions, conduct investigations with a high degree of competence, analyze and evaluate the results of the investigations, and effectively communicate the results to professionals and lay persons alike;
  3. Analyze the dynamics of higher educational systems and be able to leverage those systems in coherent, aligned strategies for educational change and positive impact by creating democratic learning communities that move systems toward meeting institutional goals;
  4. Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to ensure that all students are producing high quality work and achieving at optimum levels by fostering effective curricular programs, student-centered learning environments and accountable academic cultures that reflect high expectations for student outcomes;
  5. Be culturally competent and advocate purposefully for equity in a diverse academic environment;
  6. Be practitioner-researchers who purposefully engage in inquiry and construct knowledge that promotes equity in diverse academic environments advancing their institution’s mission and goals;
  7. Value the application of theory in practice and conduct systemic institutional inquiry, identifying critical issues, using data to drive decision-making;
  8. Inspire shared vision and commitment to high student achievement informed by best practices by developing structures and processes fostering collaboration and inquiry for continuous instructional improvement.

Program Concentrations

The EdD in Higher Education Leadership offers students the option to pursue one of three concentrations in Academic Administration, Teaching and Learning, or Institutional Research, Planning and Advancement.

For those individuals working in the areas of academic affairs, the concentration in Academic Administration offers the opportunity for professional development to be effective decision-makers in their respective capacities. The program also emphasizes the “co-curricular” nature of higher education as essential in order to integrate both academic and student affairs in fulfillment of institutional mission and strategic goals.

The EdD promotes excellence in instruction for all participants who choose to concentrate in Teaching and Learning. It will also provide current masters-prepared faculty the professional development opportunity to advance their education to earn their terminal degree, particularly for those individuals representing disciplines that do not have a terminal degree such as the PhD in their field.

The concentration in Institutional Research, Planning and Advancement responds to the growing need to prepare executive management in institutional research for strategic planning purposes in order to advance the institution. This concentration is appropriate for those representing student affairs, finance and operations, enrollment management, and other relevant non-academic affairs executive positions in higher education.

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