Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging, concentration in Interventional Radiology

Program Description

The Regis College Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Imaging, with a concentration in Interventional Radiology (IR) is for registered technologists in Radiography - RT(R) - or registry eligible. The program is full time, which starts each September and is 15 months in duration (may be longer if all of the general education core requirements are not met).

The clinical rotations and many of the IR didactic courses will take place at Massachusetts General Hospital. It is the responsibility of the student to provide their own transportation to and from the hospital as needed.


Medical Imaging Courses


  • Radiography Certification: ARRT (R) 55 credits
  • Anatomy & Physiology 4-8 credits
  • Writing 3-6 credits (two sections required for graduation)

Required Courses

  • Ethics Course
  • Expressive Arts Course
  • History Course
  • Literature Course
  • Philosophy Course
  • Religion Course
  • Statistics Course
  • Social Science Courses (2 needed)
  • Natural Science Courses (2 needed within 2 different disciplines — A&P will satisfy 1 of the 2 requirements)

*Notes: IR program starts in January and ends in December (1 year)

Fall Credits Spring Credits
MI 477 Research Methods 4 MI 305 Interventional Radiology I 3
MA 210 Statistics (if needed) 3 MI 350 Clinical IR Internship I 4
General Education Requirement 3 MI 470 Cross Sectional Imaging 3
General Education Requirement 3 General Education Requirement 3
General Education Requirement 3    
Summer Session Credits Fall Session Credits
MI 476 Seminar: Medical Imaging 4 MI 307 Interventional Radiology III 4
MI 306 Interventional Radiology II 4 MI 352 Clinical IR Internship III 4
MI 351 Clinical IR Internship II 4 General Education Requirement 3
    Capstone 1


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