Adult Acute Critical Care Clinical Specialist

The CNS track prepares nurses at the master’s level to practice in any setting in the acute critical care sub discipline of nursing. The CNS role is primarily in the hospital setting but can vary as to the type of facility where they are employed and the operationalization of the role. Once they complete the program, these expert clinicians provide care in a variety of specialty areas.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing from an NLN or CCNE accredited program Statistics 2000 hours as equivalent to one year of clinical practice (within five years) before reaching NU 662 Acute Care/Critical Care Role Practicum I.

Sample Curriculum

Year 1

Fall credits
NU 620 Clinical Pharmacology I 3
NU 601 Nursing Theory 3
BI 612 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
Spring credits
NU 670 Seminar in Teaching and Learning in Nursing Education 3
NU 630 Advanced Nursing Research 3
NU 605 Concepts in Nursing leadership 3
NU 669 Family Systems Theory 3
Summer credits
NU 650 Advanced Health Assessment 3

Year 2

Fall credits
NU 662 Acute Care/Critical Care Role Practicum I 8
NU 618 Health Policy 3
Spring credits
NU 663 Acute Care/Critical Care Role Practicum II 8
Elective 3

Total: 46 Credits

Courses Nursing Pathway

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