Project Timeline

November 2017

Haiti Project November 2017

This month the third cohort of nursing faculty finished their final course toward their Masters Degree. Regis College Faculty Mentors of the Project, Kellie LaPierre, MSN, and Deborah Henderson, MSN, traveled to Haiti to oversee the delivery of this course on Informatics. Lead Haitian faculty, Esther Joseph, MSN, a member of the Project’s first cohort mentored Inesse Cassamajor, MSN, a member of the Project’s second cohort.

While in Haiti, Deb Henderson met with a graduate of the first cohort and nurse facuty at the National School in Gonaives. They worked together to discuss the implementation of a student nurse education unit at HUM in Mirebalais.

Summer 2017

Haiti Project Summer 2017

In the summer of 2017, Rector Fritz DesHommes from the University of Haiti travelled to Boston and Regis accompanied by Dr. Eveline Moise, Ms. Irma Bois, and Ms. Evelyne Sajous. During the visit, the RCHP team leaders hosted the Haitian leadership and brought them to visit and tour two major medical centers, Boston Medical Center and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Regis alumni from both hospitals welcomed our guests and promoted the work of their professional nursing staff during tours of medical units.

Spring 2017

Haiti Project Spring 2017

In May 2017, the Regis team again travelled to Haiti to teach and mentor students from cohort 3. On this trip, the team, the students and the teaching faculty all travelled to Mirebalais for course work and clinical observations in partnership with our colleagues at the Zanmi Lasante Hospital, Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM). Two graduates, one from each of our prior cohorts, taught the Assessment and Evaluation for Nursing Education course and the Regulatory Issues in Nursing Leadership course was taught by a different graduate faculty from cohort 1 who mentored a junior graduate faculty from cohort 2.

January 2017

Haiti Project

The project’s commitment to advancing the nursing profession in Haiti continues! For one week in mid-January, members of the team traveled back to the island to continue to educate and inspire the next generation of the country’s nursing leaders. To learn more, read a special blog post from Alexis Lawton, director of development and communications for the Regis Haiti Project.

Summer 2016

Regis welcomes the 3rd cohort of nurses from Haiti to our campus.

Regis welcomes the 3rd cohort of nurses from Haiti to our campus. We are so proud to know they will have such a profound impact on the quality of Haitian healthcare when they return home. At their welcome dinner, President Toni Hays enthusiastically greeted them with this cheer: “Go Regis! Go Nursing! Go Haiti!”

Spring 2016

The second cohort of 13 Haitian nursing faculty and students received their master’s degrees on March 30, 2016 in Port au Prince, Haiti.
The second cohort of 13 Haitian nursing faculty and students received their master’s degrees on March 31, 2016 in Port au Prince, Haiti.
President Hays with Dr. Georges Dubuche
Toni honored to be meeting with Haiti’s Director General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Georges Dubuche. Standing in the background is Regis Trustee John Tegan who joined the Haiti Project Team on the graduation trip.

With great anticipation, the second cohort of 13 Haitian nursing faculty and students received their master’s degrees on March 31, 2016 in Port au Prince, Haiti. Regis President Antoinette Hays, PhD, RN, and Regis Haiti Project Director, Nancy Street, DSci, RN, were on hand to meet with Haiti’s Director General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Georges Dubuche, University of Notre Dame d’Haiti Rector, Msgr. Pierre Andre Pierre, and other government and educational officials and attend the graduation ceremony. Regis also bestowed an honorary doctorate of law upon Irma Dumornay Bois, the Director of Nursing at the Haitian Ministry of Health.

Irma Dumornay Bois
Irma Dumornay Bois, Director of Nursing at the Haitian Ministry of Health, presented with an honorary doctorate of law from Regis.

Nancy Street, Executive Director of Regis College Haiti Project, has described the graduation ceremony as a very special event. “Hymns were sung throughout the ceremony, starting with the Haitian National Anthem. The singing of ‘You Lift Me Up’ marked an emotional moment for all of our graduates and Regis team, as together we have raised the level of nursing in this country to the Master’s level, situating nursing as an academic discipline within the university system. The Regis team was moved to tears with this recognition of achievement. Irma Bois spoke of this time of advancement for nursing in Haiti in her speech as she received her honorary doctorate of law from Regis. Holding back the tears, Ms. Bois shared her vision for nursing in Haiti and noted this milestone as a key step in the advancement of nursing.”

Regis Haiti Project Director of Policy & Advocacy and native of Haiti, Cherlie Magny-Normilus, was also honored during the ceremony with an award from the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad (Ministère des Haïtiens Vivant à l'Étranger–MHAVE) for her dedication and contribution to the advancement of Nursing Education in Haiti.

President Hays, Dr. Nancy Street and Maud Duvilaire
President Hays, Dr. Nancy Street and Maud Duvilaire, former Director of Nursing in the Haitian Ministry of Health, share their happiness at the graduation of the second cohort.

In partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health, private and public nursing school leaders in Haiti, the State University of Haiti, as well as the Boston-based medical non-profit organization Partners In Health (PIH), The Regis College Haiti Project (RCHP) educates nurses from Haiti in graduate studies, so they can become leading nurses within the country and educate future Haitian nurses. In addition, RCHP is addressing Haiti’s acute nursing shortage by providing the country with necessary supports to improve better patient care.

The project aims to help Haitian nurses develop as leaders and master teachers of future generations of nurses, towards the improvement of health within Haiti. Within the graduate program, nursing faculty from Haiti receive master level nursing education and experience, both in the classroom and in the clinical setting, where the students work alongside senior nursing faculty from Regis and clinicians in Boston’s top hospitals.

Regis congratulates this latest cohort of graduates and wishes them much success in the future!


Fall 2015

This Fall 2015 marked the final semester of study for the second cohort of nursing faculty from Haiti, as they enrolled in Leadership Mentorship, taught by Germaine Laine Pierre, MSN, a member of the Project’s first cohort. A Regis senior faculty member, Dr. Valerie Hunt, mentored this course and participated in three webinars using Adobe Connect for synchronous course delivery and participation. We anticipate the graduation of the entire second cohort of thirteen (13) nursing faculty and leaders in Spring 2016; this attainment reflects 100% retention to graduation for Cohort 2.

Our newest cohort (Cohort 3) enrolled in its first semester of study in August 2015 in PAP. Under the leadership of select members of Cohort 1, fourteen students attended classroom sessions on Evidence Based Nursing and Teaching and Learning Seminar. The second semester of study began in September, with a course offering (Statistics) from within the State University of Haiti and courses (Concepts and Challenges in Professional Practice and Introduction to Nursing Leadership) led by the second cohort with Regis faculty mentorship.

Summer 2015

The summer 2015 session was completed with great success. Regis welcomed back the 2nd cohort of Haitian nursing faculty on June 1st. Two of the project’s 1st cohort graduates also joined the team on campus to teach with mentoring from senior Regis College nursing faculty. This was the last semester that students travelled to Regis College as the remainder of the courses will be taught solely in Haiti with online and on-site support.

Courses completed--

  1. Regulatory Issues in Nursing Leadership
  2. Informatics

In addition, this summer the project also began a new initiative to expand the impact of the project with additional clinical teaching. Returning members of cohort 2 worked alongside key clinical faculty from Regis, observing both the didactic and clinical precepted in-patient teaching experiences. The Haitian nursing faculty travelled to four of Boston’s teaching hospital including Tufts Medical Center, Winchester Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Children’s Hospital, shadowing our lead clinical faculty in their work with current nursing students learning at the bedside. Further, each faculty attended lectures aligned to the clinical teaching sessions, providing a model for aligning course lectures to clinical precepted experiences. This type of preceptored clinical learning is not part of nursing education in Haiti, and was a novel opportunity.

Students departed at the end of June having completed their summer intensive of study.

June 10th event with PIH - Second cohort

Spring 2015

This spring semester was a time for creating opportunity for the Haiti project, with strategic outreach to partners near and far. Members of the 2nd cohort completed a total of two courses this semester, with intensive sessions taking place in Haiti at the University of Notre Dame d’ Haiti campus. A course entitled Health Ethics and the Law was taught in Haiti by established Professors within the University of Haiti’s current system. Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education was taught by two graduates from Cohort 1 mentored by volunteer Regis senior faculty members. Integral to this final course in the nursing education specialty track, students were engaged in applied assessment of course assignments to evaluate student learning outcomes.

Guerda and Rose Darline teaching Assessment & Evaluation

Summer 2014

The Regis College Haiti Project team welcomed 13 Haitian nurses from the 2nd cohort back to Regis this summer. Required courses were completed and the nurses had the opportunity to attend clinical observations at project partners Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital. This summer also marked a wonderful transition for the project as our Haitian nursing graduates from the project's inaugural cohort taught courses in the program to the 2nd cohort with Regis College nursing faculty mentor-ship. The summer was a wonderful success and further demonstrated the continued efforts of all involved to work towards sustainability of the project in Haiti.

Haiti Summer Trip 2014

February 2014

First cohort graduates with the first masters degree in nursing in Haiti granted by the University of Haiti and supported by the Haitian Ministry of Health.

Haiti Masters Graduates outside

Summer 2013

May 2013 marked an important step in our program development and enactment as we launched the transition from graduate student to faculty for our 1st cohort of Haitian nursing faculty. Our returning Cohort 1 faculty commenced their seventh semester of academic study with Regis College and assumed lead teaching roles in the classroom. These 12 faculty are the classroom teachers for the newest members of our project- 13 nursing faculty from Haiti who make up Cohort 2. This was the final semester of study at Regis College for Cohort 1.

Spring 2013

March 2013 marked the commencement of our sixth semester of academic study for the Regis College Haiti Project. Our twelve Haitian nurse faculty completed two courses; Health Policy and Health Care Informatics. In addition, Cherlie and Nancy travelled to Haiti in April for the opening ceremony of the new PIH hospital in Mirebalais and celebrated with our project partners.

Fall 2012

Upon departure of the 12 Haitian nursing faculty, the Regis College Haiti Project team began to prepare for the fall semester. Two courses will be taught in Haiti by Haitian medical faculty.

Summer 2012

All 12 Haitian nursing faculty returned to the Regis College campus for a 5-week intensive summer semester. All 12 passed the 3 required courses outlined in the program’s masters curriculum, and experienced a non-credited clinical observation and associated practicum.

Faculty Staff & Students Summer 2012

Spring 2012

  • Spring classes in Haiti with online coursework and weekly online lectures
  • In March, Haiti team travels to Haiti with 3 Regis College Nursing Faculty, Cyndy Bashaw, Kellie LaPierre, and Susie Sawyer to teach.
  • Graduate Student, Nathalie Davidson, travels with the team to help with translation.

November 2011

Spring 2012

Fall 2011

  • Fall classes in Haiti with online coursework and weekly lectures
  • In November, Haiti team travels to Haiti to continue to teach. Toni Hays, President of Regis College, Nancy Street, Executive Director of the project and faculty member, and Cherlie Normilus, Project Director and Faculty member teach.
  • While in Haiti, Team and 1st cohort visit and tour the new PIH/MSPP Mirebalais Hospital set to open Summer 2012.
  • Regis Haiti Team also attends partner meetings with:
    • Ministry of Health Leadership
    • Rector of the University of Haiti
    • Rector of the University of Notre Dame d’Haiti

Summer 2011

Regis College welcomes 12 select Haitian nursing faculty to campus and the project begins. Haitian nursing faculty complete the 6 week intensive at Regis College. Go to Project Begins.

Team at the Nurses Station at new Mirebalais Hospital

Apr. 2011

Memorandum of Understanding signed by Minister of Health, Dr. Alex Larsen, and Surgeon General, Dr Gabriel Thimothe, of the Haitian Ministry of Health.

Regis College Haiti team attends and presents the RCHP at U.S. nursing conferences.

Mar. 2011

Regis College hosts new nursing leaders from the Haitian Ministry of Health to attend various Boston-based nursing education meetings.

Regis College Haiti Project at the State House

Jan. 2011

RCHP team and nursing leaders from the Haitian Ministry of health begin the selection process of the regional Haitian nursing faculty.

Dec. 2010

RCHP is funded and official project team is formed.

Oct. 2010

RCHP Advisory Board formed and inaugural board meeting hosted at Regis College.

Advisory Board

Jun. 2010

Regis College leadership, nursing faculty, and volunteers travel to Haiti to re-affirm the RCHP as a priority post-earthquake and continue fundraising efforts.

Regis & PIH Team in PAP

Apr. 2008

Regis College hosts nursing leadership from Haiti’s Ministry of Health to continue to discuss the future and development of the project.

Dec. 2007

Regis College nursing leaders and faculty develop a curriculum for the newly established International Nursing Faculty Partnership Initiative (INFPI), also known as the Regis College Haiti project (RCHP), endorsed by Haiti’s Ministry of Health nursing leadership.

Team with First Cohort

Nov. 2007

Regis College nursing leaders and faculty travel to Haiti with Partners in Health to assess the nursing education needs in the country. Upon evaluation, Regis College commits to a targeted effort that will advance the level of nursing education of Haitian nursing faculty.


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