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November, 2011, Haiti Project Travelogue

Haiti Project team and Haitian nursing faculty reunited in Haiti

November 16, 2011.

Regis President Antoinette Hays returned to Haiti on November 15 to continue building and strengthening relationships with Haitian project partners for the Regis College Haiti Project. At the same time, she and the project team were reunited with the assembled first cohort of twelve Haitian nursing faculty from all over the country. This group completed the first semester of its march toward the Master’s degree this summer at Regis, and this week in Haiti they have continued their coursework with President Hays and Regis College nursing faculty. The Regis College Haiti Project aims to help build the human infrastructure of Haiti by educating its nursing faculty and helping them assume responsibility for their profession and for nursing education throughout the country.

“Whether it is strengthening our current project partner relationships or building new ones, every meeting and trip to Haiti provides us with greater project and team energy and enlightenment,” said Alexis Lawton, Director of Communications and Administration for the Regis College Haiti Project. “The first cohort of Haitian nursing faculty we met last summer,” she added, “are all here with us continuing their coursework in nursing leadership and at the same time providing us with constructive feedback over our daily meals together. Everyone is thrilled to be reunited pursuing a common goal.” The project coursework is being accomplished by a combination of classes taught on-site at Regis College, in Haiti and online.

Additionally, the Regis project team and first cohort are participating in the ANIHL conference on nursing education and nursing needs in Haiti held in Port-Au-Prince at the end of the week. The group also will visit the newly built state of the art Partners in Health hospital in Mirebalais set to open in 2012.

Five of the Haitian nursing leaders
Five of the Haitian nursing leaders joining the Regis team for dinner on the evening of November 15. President Hays is the second from the end, her head turned in conversation.

Haitian Art
Haitian Art along the roadside from the airport

Ministry of Health temporary offices
Ministry of Health temporary offices

Embassy USAID meeting
Embassy USAID meeting

Ministry of Health-Dr. Timotee with Irma Bois, Alexis, Maryse and Nancy
Ministry of Health - Dr. Timotee with Irma Bois, Alexis, Maryse and Professor Nancy Street

Universite de Port Au Prince
Universite de Port Au Prince

Toni and Recto Henri Vernet
President Hays and Recto Henri Vernet

Toni Teaching - Day 2
President Hays Teaching - Day 2

Team at the Nurses Station
Team at the Nurses Station

Bill and Toni
Bill White and President Hays



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