Money and Finances

Banking and Currency Exchange

It is advisable to convert some of your money into U.S. Dollars before leaving your home country. You can also exchange currency for U.S. Dollars at Logan International Airport in Boston. You may need a small amount of U.S. Dollars for taxis, food, etc. upon your arrival. If you plan to bring a large amount of money with you, do not carry cash. You should bring a cashier’s check in U.S. Dollars (not a personal check) or travelers’ checks in U.S. Dollars for the amount of money you want to have available.

Should you wish to have a bank account in the United States, Regis College has a relationship with Century Bank in which you can have a free checking account. There is also an ATM in the Campus Police office located in College Hall 102.

Spending Money and The Cost Of Things

The amount of personal spending money needed at Regis College varies from student-to-student and season-to-season. Some things may seem expensive in the U.S. and you will probably need more spending money than you would expect. Please keep in mind that there are likely to be costs which you may not have anticipated in your initial planning.

Most residence halls usually close during college holidays such as Thanksgiving, Winter Recess, and Spring Break. It is therefore necessary to budget money to pay for travel and/or temporary accommodations during these holiday periods.

Following are the approximate prices for some everyday items in United States:

  • Cold weather clothing $500.00
  • Linens, blankets, and towels $100.00
  • Textbooks (per semester) $650.00
  • Movies $10.50
  • Pizza $11.00
  • Coffee and Tea $2.00
  • Commuter Rail train to Boston $16.50 round trip
  • Train travel to New York City $130.00-$285.00 round trip

Paying for College

Students who are offered admission to Regis College are given instructions on how to pay their Enrollment Deposit to hold their place in the entering class. This deposit is deducted from the tuition bill and, along with the Certification of Finances, is required in order to issue an I-20 form.

International students should pay their Enrollment Deposit as soon as possible after being accepted. Payment is the first of several steps that create your college email address, tuition bill, and access to complete the online housing application.

Tuition Bill

Your college tuition bill must be paid in full before you arrive on campus. Failure to pay the tuition bill may prevent you from moving into the residence hall or registering for classes. The College provides three methods to pay your tuition bill:

Mail: You can mail your college tuition payment using a money order or bank certificate (made out in United States Dollars). It is best to use a reliable courier service or registered mail addressed to:

Student Financial Services
Regis College
Center for Student Services
Office of Financial Aid
235 Wellesley Street
Weston, MA 02493

David Crisci

Center for Global Connections
College Hall 207
Skype: Regiscgc

Regis College International Student Services: Money and Finances