International Man of … Michelins?

Sophorn Nop: Business management student by day, international businessman by night

It’s just before 8:00 p.m., and Regis College senior Sophorn Nop is heading off to work, as he does most nights after a day of classes and studying. That’s pretty routine stuff for college students these days, except Sophorn’s office “commute” is extraordinarily long, his responsibilities unusually demanding.

Once home, Sophorn powers up his computer and begins the daily juggle of sales orders, inventory, international suppliers, and logistics. He is office manager of his family’s thriving truck and auto tire wholesale business. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia. And he loves it.

“After I receive my degree, I'm planning to walk down the entrepreneurship path. I want to start my own business because I grew up in a small family business and that is what I really like -- working for myself.”

Around 1: 00 a.m., Sophorn turns over the operation to his Cambodia-based counterpart and heads off to bed. It’s not unusual, however, to be awakened by an international phone call from a business associate … including his mom and dad.

“Regis is a very long way from home. In fact, it’s a 26-hour plane ride. But I love it here,” he says.

“Regis is a small school, so everyone knows everyone,” he continues. “This is great because it gives me a chance to build very good interpersonal relationships with my friends and other students.

“I love the professors, too. Regis has small class sizes compared to the big institutions around Boston, so my professors know me -- and not just as a person in his or her class. They pay very close attention to students.”

Sophorn is equally enthusiastic about the college’s close proximity to Boston – just 12 miles away.

“I go into Boston very often,” he says. “I like going to the Boston Common, walking around window shopping on Newbury Street, and going to restaurants with friends. There are a lot of things to do!

“I would recommend Regis to other students currently living in other countries around the world, because no matter where you are from, Regis will make you feel at home -- even when home is very far away. You will make friends, and there are plenty of people to support you – that is what Regis has provided me since I became a part of this community.”

David Crisci

Director, Center for Global Connections


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Regis College International Student Life: Sophorn Nop