Center for Global Connections

The Center for Global Connections is the hub for overseas academic and service-learning initiatives for students; for bringing foreign students and faculty to campus; for supporting faculty development in international research and conferences; and for driving lifelong learning programming for alumni.

A $100,000 grant from the Massachusetts-based Cummings Foundation helped establish the Center in 2013.

Mission Statement

The Center for Global Connections' mission is to develop international competence and understanding among its faculty, staff, students, and community by integrating international and intercultural perspectives into its teaching, learning, research, and service functions. Constitutive to the Regis College Mission, this will be accomplished by empowering women and men to challenge themselves academically, to serve and to lead.

David Crisci

Director, Center for Global Connections

Justin Parsons

International Admission Counselor

Regis College: Center for Global Connections