Laundry facilities are conveniently located in each residence hall and are coin operated. Cold wash cycles are free; warm and hot wash cycles are $.50 per load. Free dry cycles. If you are experiencing any technical problems with the laundry machines, please notify a Residence Life and Housing staff member for assistance.

Dining Services

All resident students are required to participate in a full meal plan (19 meals/week). All meals (with the exception of special events) are served in the main dining room. Students, who may miss lunch because of a class, student teaching, or internship conflict, may arrange for a bag lunch service with the director of dining services. Students with other special dietary restrictions and/or needs should consult with the Director of Dining Services.


Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors:

Residential and commuter students of Classes 2014, 2015, and 2016 are eligible for parking permits and may apply for these permits at Campus Police. Parking permits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students may register one car, and must do so within 24 hours of bringing the car to campus. Students may only park in the designated parking areas.

First Year Students:

Resident students in the Class of 2017 are not permitted to have cars on campus. Residential students with questions about parking may contact the Assistant Dean of Students at

Commuter students in the Class of 2017 are eligible for parking permits on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parking permits are available at the Campus Police office Students may register one car, and must do so within 24 hours of bringing the car to campus. Students may only park in the designated parking areas.

  1. All students, resident and commuter, who own or use a motor vehicle on campus must register it with the Campus Police Office and obtain a valid parking decal that must be displayed on the vehicle. This must be completed at the time of registration.
  2. At the time of registration, it will be necessary for each student to have in his or her possession a valid driver's license, registration certificate, and license plate number. The current fee for registration will be posted in the Campus Police Office (and they will let you know where you can park).
  3. Unregistered vehicles may not use the College's parking facilities and will be towed at the owner or user's expense.
  4. There is a 24-hour escort service provided by the Campus Police Office for the College community. Please call 781-768-7111 for a campus escort.


Shuttle schedules are posted in the Student Union lobby and are available in Campus Police. Shuttle service is provided to and from the Riverside MBTA station as well as The Natick Collection Mall. Questions or concerns about the Shuttle Service can be directed to Campus Police.

Cancelled Classes

Regis College maintains an automated emergency messaging system. With this system, in the event of a weather, health, or safety event, College administrators and safety personnel will be able to send information and instructions to students – by email, phone, and text message – automatically. Students should provide and update their contact information by logging in to RegisAccess at (using their current username and password). Official notification will also be available on the Emergency Announcement Line at 781-768-8000 (x8000 on campus) and by checking the following local television stations: Channel 4 (CBS), Channel 5 (ABC), Channel 7 (NBC), and Channel 13 (Fox).

Telephone Service

Each residential student is provided with an individual telephone number and voicemail. Local area telephone service is provided to all residential students. Please bring your own telephone. Four-digit extensions can be used for on campus dialing. To reach an off campus number dial "9" first followed by the phone number. To call long distance, we encourage our students to purchase calling cards if their cell phones do not have service in the building.

For more information, please email the Regis College Helpdesk or call 781-768-7177.

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