Motor Vehicle Rules & Regulations


Any resident or commuter student, staff, or faculty member who brings or keeps a motor vehicle on campus must register it with Campus Police and display a current parking decal. Any vehicle without a valid parking decal, except those operated by bona fide visitors, will not be permitted to park on campus at any time. A guest who has a vehicle on campus for more than 24 hours must display a temporary parking permit; hosts may obtain this permit in the Campus Police Office. Hosts are responsible for all parking violations of their guests.

Motor vehicles are registered in the Campus Police Office located in College Hall Room 102. For students, all motor vehicle registration must be completed by the second week of classes and the annual parking fee is payable at the time of registration.



Campus Police will issue decals at registration that will indicate in which lot(s) a vehicle is permitted to park. There is no charge for the decals.


Contractors & Repair Personnel

All contractors and other repair personnel must park in the lower lot unless otherwise specified by a Campus Police officer on an as-needed basis.


On-Campus Escort Service

24-hour on-campus escort service provided by Campus Police.


Authorized Parking Areas Are As Follows

Resident Students (Green Stickers)

A Parking Lot
B Parking Lot
C Parking Lot
F Parking Lot

Resident Students (Purple Stickers)

A Parking Lot
B Parking Lot

Faculty & Staff (Blue Stickers)

A Parking Lot
B Parking Lot
D Parking Lot
E Parking Lot

Commuters (Red Stickers)

A Parking Lot
B Parking Lot
D Parking Lot
E Parking Lot (Monday through Thursday 4:30 pm to 10 pm)

College Hall Visitor Parking Spaces (Front & Rear)

For individuals on campus conducting college business (not residents’ guests)

No resident or guest overnight parking in the E Parking Lot.

On weekends and holidays, Resident Parking will be permitted in the E Parking Lot, subject to availability. Vehicles with resident stickers must be moved from E Parking Lot by 10 pm Sunday or 10 pm on the day of a Regis College holiday.


No Parking Areas

  1. All campus roadways and crosshatched areas
  2. Curbside parking in front of Angela Hall
  3. Entryways to buildings or loading doors
  4. Designated “No Parking” areas
  5. Any area not specifically designated for parking including grassy areas adjacent to parking areas
  6. Roadway in front of the Fine Arts Center and Student Union
  7. Roadway in front of Walters Hall
  8. St. Joseph Hall Parking lot (except for Sisters of St. Joseph in residence)


Ticketing & Towing

Failure to observe parking and traffic regulations may result in ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s/operator’s expense.

  1. Tickets issued for parking and traffic violations carry fines from $20 to $100.
  2. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, handicapped spaces, or preventing snow removal may be towed immediately and fined up to $100 in addition to towing charges.
  3. A towed vehicle may be retrieved by its owner/operator after parking fines are paid to Regis College. The owner/operator of a towed vehicle must contact Campus Police for information regarding release. Vehicles will be towed off campus by a private towing company.
  4. All fines are payable to Regis College at the Campus Police Office. Parking tickets are the only notice of charges due; no further notice will be issued.

If the vehicle is towed off campus, towing and storage charges should be paid directly to the towing company when the vehicle is picked up.


Traffic Regulations

  1. The speed limit on all Regis College roadways is 15 mph.
  2. All vehicles must observe the Stop signs and posted traffic signs on campus.
  3. When major events are held on campus, a Campus Police officer is on duty to control the flow of traffic to parking areas.


Snow Removal

When snow removal operations begin, announcements will be made on campus instructing the owners of vehicles to move them so that parking areas and roadways may be cleared. Arrangements for moving vehicles must be made when the owner/operator will be off campus and the vehicle will remain on campus. Any vehicle preventing snow removal will be towed at the owner's/operator's expense.


Special Events

The on-campus parking lot regulations may be suspended during certain events held on campus throughout the year. Advance notice will be given to owners of vehicles on campus to move to appropriate parking areas.



Campus Police will administer the parking and traffic program. Any questions, suggestions or comments should be directed to Campus Police at 781-768-7111.


Parking Committee

A seven-member parking committee made up of faculty, staff, and students will meet to hear from anyone contesting a ticket. The committee will decide whether to waive or uphold the ticket. If the ticket is ruled to be valid or it is not contested, the ticket must be paid by cash or check within fourteen days of the ruling.


Parking Committee & Ticket Appeals

The Campus Police holds hearings for all ticket appeals on a monthly basis during the academic year, with the exception of December and January (no appeals hearings are held during the summer). Hearings are held in the Campus Police Office in Room 102. All ticket appeals must be turned in at the Campus Police office prior to the hearing. You may pick up a ticket appeal form at the Campus Police office.


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College Hall, Room 102

Regis College: Campus Police Motor Vehicle Rules & Regulations
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Motor vehicle rules & regulations provided by the Regis College Campus Police