Intramural Sports

Date Time Location Event
September 13 7pm Softball Field Ultimate Frisbee (Week 1)
September 20 7pm Softball Field Ultimate Frisbee (Week 2)
September 21 8pm Higgins Court Indoor Whiffleball
September 27 7pm Softball Field Ultimate Frisbee (Playoffs)
October 5 8pm Higgins Court Indoor Soccer
October 10 8pm Regis Stadium Flag Football (Week 1)
October 16 7:30pm Regis Stadium Flag Football (Week 2)
October 24 8pm Regis Stadium Flag Football (Playoffs)
November 2 8pm Higgins Court Voleyball (Week 1)
November 8 7pm Higgins Court Volleyball (Week 2)
November 15 7pm Higgins Court Volleyball (Playoffs)
November 28 7pm Higgins Court Indoor Kickball

Check out our champions from 2016-2017:


Every March, Regis has a 3 week intramural basketball tournament (3v3) that takes place at Higgins Court. One championship team is awarded the coveted intramural championship t-shirt that only the best of the best get to wear.

Intramurals Mascot

Flag Football

The Fall semester kicks off with a flag football tournament (5v5) that lasts for 4 weeks. Teams battle it out for bragging rights for one year and those famous championship t-shirts. What we’ve learned: true flag football champions wear cleats.

Intramurals T-shirts 1

Indoor Soccer

Regis also offers options for one day tournaments and indoor soccer is one of them! At Higgins Court, players battle it out to bring the field game to the indoors!

Intramural Soccer

Ultimate Frisbee

The sport of ultimate frisbee continues to grow! Throughout the month of September, teams of 6 geared up for a 3 week event that gets the campus buzzing! Check out this picture of this years champs!

Intramural Frisbee


Our first intramural volleyball champs were crowned this year! It was a fight until the very end but this squad ended up on top!

Intramural Volleyball

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